American Foxhound

American Foxhound Dog Breed Introduction:
The American Foxhound is a tall, fast loving dog breed that shares much in common with it’s English Cousin. They are friendly dogs that are excellent on the hung, making them a versatile pick-up for a family that also has many outdoor interests and can take this wonderful dog breed along with them. See Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate an American Foxhound Breeder near you.

American Foxhound Puppies

American Foxhound Puppy

American Foxhound Dog Breed Appearance:
The American Foxhound has a similar look to the English Foxhound, from which it descended, however they were breed to have distinct differences. The American Foxhound is slightly taller and weighs less, making them faster when on the chase. They also have a stronger smelling sense. The American Foxhound has a somewhat domed head, with a large skull and some length to to their faces. Earns turn downward, frame the face equally on both sides are of fair size. Legs are straight and long in the front and almost the same in the back. Tails are fairly long and raise upward with a slight curl to the end. The American Foxhound coat is a hard, close coat that is of medium length. They come in many colors and all are permitted under AKC show guidelines. White is predominate with large patches of other color on the back, upper-body and head. The common American Foxhound is larger than the breed standards of 21-25 inches, and are usually anywhere from 25-29 inches tall at the withers, with weights ranging in the 50-75 pound range depending on gender and height.

American Foxhound Dog Breeders

American Foxhound Dog Breed

American Foxhound Dog Breed Origins:
The American Foxhound, as mentioned, is a direct ancestor of the English Hounds of the 1600s. The English variety made it’s way to American in the 1650s to a gentleman bu the name of Robert Brooke. Brooke bred several strains of American Hounds, and the family continued to do so for close to 300 years. George Washington kept several of Brooke’s line of dog and crossed them with French Hounds received as a gift from France. This cross-breeding was essential in the creation of the modern American Foxhound.

They were developed exclusively for hunting foxes and their agility, and speed was increased with the introduction of Irish Foxhounds into the breeds lineage. There are quite a few distinct varieties of the American Foxhound these days, including: Trigg, Goodman, Penn-Marydel and Walker. They are all recognized under the singular American Foxhound dog breed title, though Walkers are often show dogs and Penn-Marydel are traditionally hunters. Check out Cute Puppies For Sale’s full Dog Breed Directory to identify a Certified American Foxhound Puppies for sale close by.

American Foxhound Puppies for Sale

American Foxhound Pupp

American Foxhound Dog Breed Temperament:
The American Foxhound is a generally easy-going dog at home, particularly around children and other dogs. If for no other reason, their instinctive hunting prowess, they are better off not kept around smaller animals, though with strong and consistent training they may be able to handle that type of situation. Their hunting instincts will often lead them to ignore commands if they pick up a scent that peaks their interest or is strong enough. Only careful long-term training will break them of this habit, it is after all their natural breed instinct. Though they are vocal, they should not be added to the family or a household to serve as watchdogs. Regardless of whether or not your dog is for hunting or show, they need ample exercise and a confident, consistent and calm leader in the family. Lack of exercise and stimulation will lead to a extreme restlessness and behavioral issues that will make them not suitable for any sort of household life.

American Foxhound Puppy

American Foxhound Puppy Dog

American Foxhound Dog Breed Mortality:
American Foxhounds are a very healthy breed; extremely rare are any genetic disease or instances of hip dysplasia. They do gain weight quite easily so make sure not to overfeed. Also, as discussed under the temperament they need exercise and plenty of it. To keep them healthy and happy, get them outside and moving around, walks, jogs, hunting trips, hiking, some swimming if they are OK with it; exercise this breed! Average age of the American Foxhound is 10-13 years, and litters come in the 5-7 puppy range.

American Foxhound Dog Breed Overview:
American Foxhounds are friendly, happy parts of “the pack”. They are tireless and love to really get moving and are endlessly enthusiastic and happy. They are average shedder with generally healthy outlooks and a good lifespan. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate American Foxhound Breeders in your state.

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