Beagle Dog Breed

Beagle Dog Breed

Introduction To The Beagle Breed:
The Beagle is the top ten pick of 2010 according to AKC Registration Statistics. It is not without good reason either. When wanting to make an educated guess on finding your cute puppy for sale your guessing stops here. The Beagle is a perfect pet for those that are single, a couple, or a family wanting to make a furry addition to the household as you will soon see. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive dog breed directory to find Beagle Breeders near you.

Beagle Puppy

Beagle Puppy

Beagle Breed Temperament:
The Beagle is well known for having an even temper and gentle disposition. Described in several breed standards as amiable and generally neither aggressive nor timid. They enjoy company, and although they may initially be standoffish with strangers, they are easily won over with a tasty meaty treat. They make poor guard dogs for this reason, although their tendency to howl when confronted with strangers makes them good watch dogs. A study was done by Ben and Lynette Hart during the summer of 1982 where the Beagle was given the highest excitability rating, along with the Yorkshire Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, West Highland White Terrier and Fox Terrier. Beagles are intelligent, but as a result of being bred for the long chase are single-minded and determined, which can make them more of a challenge train. They are generally obedient but can be difficult to recall once they have picked up a scent and are easily distracted by smells around them. This is the deep breed in instincts of a true hunting dog. Being the hunting dogs that they are means they are alert, respond well to food-reward training and are eager to please. Constant stimulus is required to prevent them from getting easily bored or distracted. Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive dog breed directory has beautiful Beagle puppies for sale.

Beagles are an excellent choice if you have children. This is one of the reasons they have become popular family pets. Keep in mind that though they are good people pets, they are instinctual pack animals and can be prone to separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. Exercise and constant handling will make owning your Beagle more of an enjoyable experience. Not all Beagles will howl, but most will bark when confronted with strange situations, and some will bay (purely a hound trait aka “speaking”, “giving tongue”, or “opening”) when they catch the scent of potential intrigue. Beagles are a good dog breed as far as socializing with other dogs. Beagles couldn’t care less with regard to exercise, but its all too easy for your Beagle to get to a portly state. Keep a Beagles interest with new things and you’ll have one happy Beagle puppy.

Beagle Breed

Beagle Breed

Beagle Breed Appearance:
The general appearance of the Beagle resembles a Foxhound in miniature, but with a broader head and shorter muzzle and legs proportionate to the body. The Beagles expression is completely different than that of the Foxhound. This is because beagles were trained to use their sense of smell to hunt smaller prey such as the rabbit. Often you will find a Beagle nose down to the ground on a scent trail. The Beagle Breed is generally between 13 and 16 inches (33 and 41 cm) in height at the shoulders and a healthy weight is between 18 and 35 lb (8.2 and 16 kg), with females harboring the lighter weight range.
The Beagle Breed has a smooth, somewhat domed skull with a medium-length, square-cut muzzle and a black (or sometimes liver) gumdrop shaped nose. The jaw has a firm set and the teeth scissor together with the upper teeth fitting perfectly over the lower teeth and both sets aligned square to the jaw. Beagles typical eye physique are large, hazel or brown, with the classic cute puppy dog eyes designed to make your heart melt. The large ears are long, soft and low-set, turning towards the cheeks slightly and rounded at the tips. Beagles have a strong, medium-length neck that makes it easy for them to bend to the ground and pick up a scent trail. The Beagle’s broad chest narrows to a tapered abdomen. As you travel down the Beagle’s waist there is a short, slightly curved tail (aka the “stern”) usually tipped with white. The white tip, known as the “flag” is a characteristic that has been selectively bred for, as it allows the dog to be easily seen when its head is down following a scent. A true AKC Certified Beagle of the Breed does not have the tail curl over the back, but is in fact held upright when the dog is moving forward. The Beagle Breed is famous for having a muscular body at a medium-length, with a smooth short hard coat. True to form the Beagle’s front legs should be straight and carried under the body while the rear legs are muscular and well bent at the stifles.
Beagles appear in a range of colors. Although the tri-color (white with large black areas and light brown shading) is the most common. Beagles like many hounds can occur in any color. Liver is not common and is not permitted according to show standards; it tends to come with yellow eyes. Ticked or mottled varieties may be either white or black with different colored flecks, such as the Blue-Mottled or Blue-Tick Beagle, which has spots that appear to be a midnight-blue color, similar to the coloring of the Blue-Tick Coon-Hound. View Cute Puppies For Sale’s dog breed directory to find a AKC Certified Beagle Breeder.

Origins Of The Beagle Breed:
The origin of the name “Beagle” was derived from the French term “be’geule,” referring to the baying voice of the hounds when in pursuit of game, or possibly the diminutive size of the hound. In the eleventh century, William the Conqueror brought the Talbot hound into Great Britain, which was a white scent hound. The Talbot (now extinct) is thought to be the most recent discovery of the ancestry of the modern day Beagle. The black and tan Irish Kerry Beagles are also considered another possible link to the familial line of the Beagle.

Beagle Puppy

Beagle Puppy

Beagle Breed History:
Centuries of breeding in high stamina means they do not easily tire when exercised, but they also do not require being worked to exhaustion before they will rest. A regular exercise regime will help keep your Beagle’s weight at a healthy level. In the 1500s, most English gentleman had packs of hounds. Larger hounds tracked deer, while the Beagles went after rabbits. The beagle-type dogs were crossed with larger breeds such as Stag Hounds to produce the modern Foxhound. The beagle-size varieties came very close to extinction but with the help of farmers in the South, the Beagle Breed was ensured survival of the prototype breeds by maintaining small rabbit-hunting packs. Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive dog breed directory has cute Beagle puppies for sale.

Beagle Breed Mortality:
The popularity of the Beagle Breed does not make this breed un-succeptable to illness or injury. On that aspect alone, they are just like any other breed of dog, but there are specific warning signs that you need to watch for when owning a Beagle compared to just your average mutt. Beagles are well known for eating anything that is within mouth range, which is pretty much everything since they are designed to find even the smallest of animals. This is the leading cause of health problems for the Beagle Breed. Being a Beagle owner one must keep a close eye on their pet’s diet or things can get out of hand rather quickly. Another common ailment for the Beagle Breed are eye problems. An eye condition common among beagles is a condition called distichiasis, where the eyelashes grow into the eye and cause irritation and potentially infection. This is not primarily only a Beagle trait; the English Bulldog also suffers such eye irritants.  While this problem can be solved with surgery it is important to identify the onset of the problem as soon as possible and seek proper medical assistance right away. Red watery eyes are the first indications that your Beagle is having eye troubles.

Beagle Breed Summary:
Although the Beagle was breed for hunting as the main purpose of this breed, the Beagle has a versatile attitude that can make them the most suitable companion. The coloring of the Beagle stands apart from the breeds it has been compared to and has come out shining. The AKC is always making sure that the tip top of the beagle breed line is available to everyone, not just the elite, which it at one time had been. The Beagle will be an excellent addition to any household and will for many years to come. Refer to our dog breed directory to find the most accredited Beagle Breeders.

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