An excellent infographic summarising 15 important ways “Not To Ruin Your Puppy”. Following these steps will ensure that you raise a happy and obedient puppy. The only additional advice we would offer is for tip#14, the breeders for our German Shepard puppy actually made sure that the pups were exposed to load noises (such as a loud clap or banging on a pot) from an early age, while they were still in a safe environment. As a result she does not even flinch during a thunderstorm and she’s quite comfortable around loud noises.

Infographic : 15 Ways How Not To Ruin Your Puppy

We’d love to hear from you, please feel free to share your ideas, tips or experiences in the comments below.


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A recent very popular type of hybrid or “designer dog” is the Goldendoodle. Made by cross-breeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever these dogs were intended for service dogs. The reason being they wanted a service dog who shed little to no fur for people with disabilities and allergies. Although they also became popular family pets as well.

Goldendoodles can vary greatly based upon which breed they inherited the most genes from. Grooming, coat appearance, and size is the easiest visual representation of this. For example if it is a curlier coat with minimum shedding the Poodle genes were most likely dominant. While a taller, heavier dog would have drawn from the Golden Retriever side.

These dogs are regarded to be easily trained due to their intelligence. For this reason it is recommended to practice positive reinforcement during the dogs training. Pairing this with proper living conditions and exercise will avoid a dog with behavioral problems. Considering all this with the fact that they are very sociable dogs, its easy to see why they are popular for family and service pets.

With a life expectancy of 15 years Goldendoodles are great choices for long term pets. So if you decided you want to be a proud Goldendoodle owner go to for trusted and experienced breeders.

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Sell Your Dogs Online

Many dog breeders ask a very simple question which at the same time is very complicated.

How do I sell my dogs online?

Breeding quality dogs is a passion for many people. Selling dogs is often a very difficult part in the process. There are many options available that will assist you in finding buyers for your puppies using the internet. To make it simple we will break it down into the various ways that Cute Puppies For Sale in association on Online Advertising Agency, Total Market Exposure can help you and how you can help yourself.

Website: A website is a hub for your business. Without a website you seem less legitimate than other dog breeders. There are other ways to find potential buyers online through featured listings on website like this one.

Featured Listings: We offer featured listings and allow for breeders to sponsor whole breeds  without any competition. When you sponsor a breed you are the only breeder featured on that breed. We also offer local breeder listings as well as breeder pages which serve as websites for those dog breeders who do not have their own website.

Placement: Paid placement online is a great way to get people who are looking to buy in front of your puppies. Handling the accounts yourself can be tiresome and time consuming. Many people who are not experienced in search engine placement and other forms of paid placement end up wasting a lot of money misusing the tools. That is why we are here to help.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is only for serious breeders who are looking to increase their natural/organic rankings on major search engines like Google. SEO takes a long time and can be relatively expensive for most dog breeders. Contact Online Advertising Agency, Total Market Exposure today for more information on SEO and the other services featured above.


I Love Cute Puppies!

Puppies are so much FUN!

My first puppy was a beautiful German Shepherd mix with a heart of gold.  She was the cutest little puppy!  She had the prettiest markings around her eyes that made you think of Cleopatra.  I took that dog everywhere!  We trained her to go for walks without a leash and to fetch the morning paper.  She was so well trained that I used to invite her on the furniture and she wouldn’t because she knew she wasn’t supposed to! 

Cut Puppies For Sale

Cut Puppies For Sale

Where Do I Go To Find A Cute Puppy?

You too can find the perfect dog at CutePuppiesForSale.Net.  They have a HUGE selection of Breeders and puppies to choose from.  They have local as well as National Breeders.  Some Breeders will even ship their dogs!  CutePuppiesForSale.Net is the one place you need to go to shop for cute puppies!  You can also find them on Facebook at I Love Cute Puppies.  If you love cute puppies “like” us on Facebook!


Cute Puppy Picture

The Cutest Puppies!

Puppies are so fun! They have so much energy and they love to explore! Plus puppies are just so cute! Finding the right puppy for your family can be quite the adventure since it may be hard to pick just one!

Cute Puppies For Sale

Cute Puppies For Sale

Types of Puppies

There are big dogs, little dogs, hairless dogs, hypoallergenic dogs, and everything in between. Depending on your family’s needs choosing the right puppy is important. Puppies can be cuddly or explorers. You can find a wide variety of cute puppies and Breeders on CutePuppiesForSale.Net. We feature Breeders and puppies of all kinds. Cute Puppies For Sale is THE place to shop for puppies of all breeds! You can also find CutePuppiesForSale.Net on Facebook at I Love Cute Puppies

Cute Puppy Video

I Love Cute Puppies!

English Bulldogs are one of the cutest puppies!  They are a versatile breed and can be a great family pet.  It is best to get them when they are still puppies from a reputable Breeder.  They tend to  be very obedient yet they can have a will of their own.  English Bulldogs are not only one of the cutest puppies they are one of the most loyal.   They make great pets for people who want a “big” dog that can still be a “lap” dog.  The average weight these cute puppies grow to is about 45 pounds.  Bulldogs are known for their very loving natures.  They make great companions for children as they tend to be more tolerant of the “love” they get from little ones!  Bulldogs tend to stay close to home so there is no worry of them running off to explore the neighborhood.  Reputable puppy Breeders can be hard to find.  You can find a wide variety of Breeders and cute puppies for sale on Cute Puppies For Sale.Net!  CutePuppiesForSale.Net is a great resource for finding cute puppies, cute puppy pictures, and cute puppies for sale. Check us out on Facebook at I Love Cute Puppies.

Wow, these little balls a fur are adorable. That one little guy is particularly active. They’re so young and small, we’re not 100% of the breed, but believe these are American Eskimo puppies. We’ll post more videos, cute puppy pictures and extensive dog breed information on a regular basis, so keep visiting us often. As always, check out our extensive dog breed directory to help you research for your cute puppy purchase. Now, we’re going to watch this video a couple of more times… these cute puppies make us smile!

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Everyone Loves Dogs

Everyone Loves Dogs

Everyone loves dogs including other animals. Look at these amazing pictures of dogs interacting with other animals.

Puppies For Sale 4

Best Friends Forever!

Puppies For Sale 6

Too Cute For Words

Puppies For Sale 5

Nap Time!

Cute Goldendoodle Puppies

Check out this video of some cute goldendoodle puppies playing! If you want to take one home contact

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