Border Collie Dog Breed Basics:
The Border Collie dog breed is an energized working dog that is classified as part of the herding category. They are medium-sized dogs which are known for their hard work and high intelligence levels (often called the most intelligent of all dogs), possessing an almost human-like intuitiveness. This active breed has a moderate coat which is fairly low shed. They enjoy sport and are known as winning competitors in many agility contests. They thrive on movement and social interaction. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s detailed Dog Breed Listings to find an Border Collie Breeder near you.

Border Collie Puppy

Border Collie Puppy

Border Collie Dog Breed Temperament:
Because of their unmatched intelligence amongst canine breeds they are able to intake a high amount of training, retaining a recognition of several hundred human words. Border Collies must get exercise and be occupied energy to keep up physical and mental health. They enjoy the company of other dogs and children but will try to dominate if the owner is not a strong lead. Small pets are not recommended around Border Collies, however if they are raised with them and well socialized, the breed is known to live with cats. This is not a breed for those who are not home often or whom cannot devote time for both physical and mental exercise, they can be quite destructive if this occurs. Cute Puppies For Sale’s all-encompassing dog breed directory has extremely cute Border Collie puppies for sale.

Border Collie Puppy for Sale

Border Collie Puppies for Sale

Border Collie Dog Breed Appearance:
The Border Collie has a rough or smooth coat which can be merle, sable or sold patterns in bi-colors and tri-colors. They intense gazes (used for herding) and have brown eyes or occasionally blue or a mix of the two. Their are fully or partially lifted. These dogs are built for work and speed and not physical conformity or beauty, so they may vary in appearance quite significantly.

Border Collie Dog Breed Origins:
The Border Collie is descended from the old droving types. Droving means the moving of livestock over long distances. This practice in Australia, North America and other place involved men and horseback and dogs. The Border Collie gets its name from this type of activity occurring along the English and Scottish Borders (where it was originally known as the Scotch Sheep Dog). The Collie part is older than the Borders themselves and comes from a Lowland Scots word. Modern day Border Collie dog breed heritage is almost entirely traced back to a singular dog who went by the name of Old Hemp. This particular dog was alive in the late 1800s and was used as stud for many Border Collies.

Border Collie Puppies for Sale

Border Collie Puppies for Sale

Border Collie Dog Breed History:
In the latter half the 19th century, Queen Victoria of England became an enthusiast after spotting the breed. This directly led to the modern breed as we know it now. This also helped the spread of the Border Collie to both New Zealand and Australia as they were imported from the United Kingdom. The history of the Border Collie dog breed is perhaps one of the most well document and has easily traceable lineages. Today the intelligence of the dog allows it to work in various capacities, including narcotics and bomb detection and search and rescue. There are two schools of breeds with one being for standardization of appearance and the other works towards preserving the herding style of the original Border Collie. Cute Puppies For Sale’s complete dog breed directory has amazing Border Collie puppies for sale.

Border Collie Dog Breed Mortality:
Border Collies can live anywhere from 10-17 years, with 12 being the average. The second-leading cause of death amongst the breed is old age, with cancer being the first. Things to be aware of and watch for with the Border Collie dog breed are: epilepsy, hip dysplasia and Collie eye anomaly. For Border Collies standardized for show and additional rare but serious threat exists in the form of NCL or Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. The condition causes extreme neurological dysfunction and results in early death. The gene which causes this can be detected in both affected and carrier dogs.

Border Collie

Border Collie Dog Breed

Border Collie Dog Breed Synopsis:
The Border Collie is an extremely loyal, intelligent and versatile dog breed. They are employed in livestock and farm work on a regular basis as they understand many verbal commands and directions and have uncanny instinct when it comes to work. Their high levels of intelligence and agility also makes them popular and winning competitors in many of the various dog sports; from dancing and agility/speed trials to flyball and disc competitions. Their amazing instincts and sense of smell and intuition also employ them in many law enforcement roles, including search and rescue, bomb detection, drug-sniffing and cadaver sniffing. And of course, they make wonderful family companions for those families willing to give them the proper amount of mental and physical exercise and activity. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Directory to find Certified Border Collie Breeders and Border Collie Puppies for Sale.

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