Brussels Griffon Dog Breed

Brussels Griffon Dog Breed Introduction:
The Brussels Griffon, also known as the Griffon Bruxellois is a toy dog breed which comes from it’s namesake of Brussels in Belgium. The Griffon Bruxellois actually refers to two additional types of sub-breed, the Petit Brabançon and Griffon Belge. Much like Belgian Sheepdogs there is an overall standard and the three sub-types. They are a cheery and intelligent dog breed with a disposition similar to that of a terrier. Some say their facial expressions appear almost human. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate an Brussels Griffon Breeder near you.

Brussels Griffon Puppies

Brussels Griffon Puppies for Sale

Brussels Griffon Dog Breed Temperament:
The Brussels Griffon Dog Breed has big personality. They are extremely curious and lively and are excellent companions. They enjoy the company of not only their owners, but other dogs and cats, as well as children. They are very smart and can learn tricks and serve in a watchdog capacity. As with many other small dogs or toy breeds they have a tendency to fall into the small dog syndrome. This can be avoided but require good behavior on the ownwer’s part as much as the dogs. Due to their “human expressions” and disposition, they are often not treated as dogs, but little people, this contributes to the syndrome. Brussles Griffons fed table scraps will become picky and demanind eaters (apart from the negative health impacts of human food). Untrained guarding, separation anxiety ad obsessive barking results from the dogs believing they are in charge and not you. They need a consistent and confident pack leader (you) who will provide consistent rules as well as physical and mental exercises. Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive dog breed directory has cute Brussels Griffon puppies for sale.

Brussels Griffon Puppy

Brussels Griffon Puppy for Sale

Brussels Griffon Dog Breed Appearance:
The Brussels Griffon is often thought of as a little beared human, some people even compare them to the Ewoks of Star Wars fame. They have large round heafs, with a short almost stunted-looking muzzle. They have small black noses and overbites. They also have long black eyelashes of their wide-set eyes. Perhaps their most famous feature is their beard coming down from the muzzle. They can come with either rough or smooth coats. The rough coat is both wiry and dense, while the smooth coat (featured on the Petit Brabançon variation) is short, straight and glossy in appearance.

Brussels Griffon Dog Breed Origins:
The Brussels Griffon (Griffon bruxellois) and its variations have a lineage traced back to a very old breed in the Belgian region known as the Smousje. Smousje were terrier-style dogs that were most often used in stables to chase off and remove rodents. These popular stable dogs were bred with toy dogs imported from elsewhere, including the King Charles Spaniel and the Pug (the pug is most noticable in the Petit type). The Affenpinscher, Yorkshire Terrier and Irish Terrier may also have contributed to the modern Brussels Griffon which was standardized in it’s home country in the 1880s.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon Puppies for Sale

Brussels Griffon Dog Breed History:
After standardization the breed continued to grow in popularity. It spiked with the interest of the Queen of Belgium, Queen Marie Henriette who became a breeder herself, helpiung to boost their popularity internationally. They became recognized in the United Kingdom in the late 1890s and were standardized in American in 1910, receiving official AKC recognition, where the three sub-typed were recognized under the singular Brussels Griffon heading. As with many European dog breed small in number, the Brusse’s Griffon had dwindling numbers during the first and second World Wars, almost being completely eliminated from existence. They are in general still a rare breed, being most popular in the United States in the 1950s. The dog gained some popularity again after the movie “As Good as It Gets” featuring Jack Nicholson came out. This along with the renewed interest in toy dog breeds has helped it gain popularity again.

Brussels Griffon Dog Breed Mortality:
Brussels Griffons have anywhere from 1-3 puppies on average, but are not unknown to have litters as large as six. The larger litters increase risk of pregnancy issues in the breed and the need for caesarean sections. The Brussels Griffon sometimes are born with cleft palates, this sadly, is a most-often a fatal condition for the puppies as they eventually starve, if they can survive for awhile, surgery can be performed when they are older. The biggest thing to be aware of with the breed are are some issues common to their very large eyes. Lacerations occur due to the small amount of eye protection on their faces and their big eyes. Lacerations can lead to blindness. Cataracts and Lens Luxations (leading to Glaucoma) are fairly common issues in the breed. Owners should also beware of Syringomyelia, which affects the brain and spine and causes various effects from mild pain and discomfort to partial paralysis. Also be aware of possible respiratory issues brought on by their shortened muzzle. Healthy Brussels Griffons live between 12-15 years on average. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s full Dog Breed Directory to identify a Certified Brussels Griffon Breeder.

Brussels Griffon Dog Breeders

Brussels Griffon Dog Breed

Brussels Griffon Dog Breed Overview:
The Brussels Griffon Dog breed is an energetic, intelligent and loving dog with a unique and distinctive appearance. They are companions not only to you and your children, but also other dogs and even cats and other pets within the family. As with most intelligent and energetic breeds, keep them occupied both mentally and physically and they will be companions for a long time, well into their teens. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate Brussels Griffon Breeders in your state.

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