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Edgar and Nina Otto with Lancelot Encore

The first time researchers cloned a mammal was in 1996.  Dolly made history that year and it conquered a decade long milestone for researchers and technology.  Since then many other animals have been cloned.  One in particular is man’s best friend. 
A couple in Florida, Edgar and Nina Otto, were the first to have the opportunity to clone their beloved pet Lancelot.  Lancelot had died of cancer, and at the time the Otto’s had decided to freeze his DNA.  That was in 2003, when cloning was not made available to the general public.  The opportunity was not given to them until 2008 when a company called BioArts International held a dog-cloning auction.  They put their name in the hat and won.  The cost to make a clone of Lancelot did not come cheap to the Otto’s.  It cost them $155,000.00 to make their dream come true. To help cover this cost Nina sold some of her jewelry to create Lancelot Encore. If asked if they would do it again? “we would still do it.”
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