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Dog Hero-Eve

It was a morning that Kathie Vaughn would never forget.   She loaded herself and Eve, her Rottweiler companion, into the used truck she had just purchased.  As she was driving down the road the truck began to fishtail.  Kathie was able to get the truck to a stop but not without difficulty.  The truck cabin began to fill instantly with toxic fumes and black smoke making visibility near impossible.  Simply getting out  of the truck would be easy for most people, except that Kathie is paralyzed from the waist down with multiple sclerosis.  Kathie knew she needed to get out of there.  Her truck was on fire and could blow up at any moment.  She shoved Eve and her wheel chair out the door, but the black smoke was so thick she couldn’t find the wheels to her chair.

Panic began to set in and Kathie knew that she couldn’t escape without help.  That’s when Eve showed her true heroic colors.  Kathie was on the brink of blacking out from inhaling all the fumes and smoke when she felt Eve grab her by the ankles and drag her from the burning vehicle to safety.

It didn’t take long before a police officer was on the scene.  Kathie could hear the officer yell, “You’ve got to get further away!”  Kathie could barely move though she tried to pull herself further from the burning vehicle.  Eve nuzzled Kathie’s arm and offered her her collar.  Eve towed her owner 40 more feet to safety into a ditch.  Had Eve left her just ten feet closer on the road Kathie would not be here today.  The truck exploded and was engulfed in flames just seconds after she was safe in the ditch.

Firemen extinguished the blaze and to their amazement Eve and Kathie were virtually unscathed minus smoke inhalation and minor burns to Kathie’s legs.  Eve was awarded the prestigious Stillman Award for her Bravery.

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