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Dog and puppy training is an essential component to being a dog owner and selecting a dog breed.  Certain dog breeds are chosen for specific types of training i.e. drug sniffing dogs, police dogs, seeing eye dogs,  and companion pets.  The saying,”you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is an outdated dog training philosophy.   Dogs used for drug sniffing and companion pets now a days come from the local pounds and are not always young puppies.  They  are able to learn and perform the same tasks as a younger dog with positive reinforcement techniques.  Positive reinforcement is primarily the technique used by many dog breeders and trainers to get the best results.  This makes training your pet a gratifying experience instead of a chore.

Dog Puppy Training 3

When you select the right dog breed the training will go according to what you want from your pet.   Training encourages good behavior and helps to strengthen the bond between you and your pet.  A trained dog can interact with family and friends instead of being a pain in the neck.   The advantages of training your pet far outweigh the time it takes to do it.  There is no downside to training when you do it in a way to make it fun for both you and your pet.

When dogs are puppies they are just plain cute.   But an untrained cute puppy can be a destructive cute puppy.  Dogs that are trained are much more enjoyable to walk down the street with when they are taught how to walk nicely on a leash  instead of them pulling your arms out of their sockets.  Training by definition is the  education, instruction, or discipline of a person or thing.  When you educate your pet on the behaviors you want it keeps them focused and their minds active.  Stimulation and learning should continue through the life of your pet.  Destructive behavior is a clear indicator that your pet is  bored. Certain dog breeds are known for specific traits i.e. sniffing, digging, and chewing. This might be a set back to some but you can train them to be great pets even if they have a destructive behavior trait prior to you owning them.

Future dog owners should be selective when they are looking for a puppy for sale. Our dog breeder directory lists all the dog breeds and dog breeders that are recommended to match you with the dog breed that fits your lifestyle.  With all the cute puppies that are available the dog breeder directory will help you refine your search for the perfect cute puppy. Once you find the dog breed that works for you, the type of training is up to you. So go find your cute puppy for sale and start training!

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