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English Bulldogs are one of the cutest puppies!  They are a versatile breed and can be a great family pet.  It is best to get them when they are still puppies from a reputable Breeder.  They tend to  be very obedient yet they can have a will of their own.  English Bulldogs are not only one of the cutest puppies they are one of the most loyal.   They make great pets for people who want a “big” dog that can still be a “lap” dog.  The average weight these cute puppies grow to is about 45 pounds.  Bulldogs are known for their very loving natures.  They make great companions for children as they tend to be more tolerant of the “love” they get from little ones!  Bulldogs tend to stay close to home so there is no worry of them running off to explore the neighborhood.  Reputable puppy Breeders can be hard to find.  You can find a wide variety of Breeders and cute puppies for sale on Cute Puppies For Sale.Net!  CutePuppiesForSale.Net is a great resource for finding cute puppies, cute puppy pictures, and cute puppies for sale. Check us out on Facebook at I Love Cute Puppies.

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  1. Sir Bigglesworth the 3rd says:

    Poor doggy trying to turn around and get up. Less filming more helping!

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