English Toy Spaniel Breed Introduction:
English Toy Spaniel is another name for the King Charles Spaniel. They are a small breed of the spaniel type. The most likely come from the Far East and were famous amongst the royalty of Europe in the 16th century and on, often seen in the company of kings and queens. They are a joyful little dog that is very smart and good-mannered, and are very popular along with many other toy-sized dog breeds these days. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate an English Toy Spaniel Breeder near you.

English Toy Spaniel Puppy for Sale

English Toy Spaniel Puppy

English Toy Spaniel Breed Appearance:
The English Toy Spaniel is square proportioned small spaniel dog. Their heads are round in shape and again are in proportion with the rest of their body. Muzzles aren’t very long and their noses have a pushed in appearance and is normally black with large nostrils. They tend to have a little extra skin in the eye regions. Their ears sit close to the head and hang down fairly low to the ground. An unmodified tail comes in a corkscrew variety. Colors or Blenheim (red and white), Prince Charles (tri-color of white, black and tan), King Charles (black and tan) and Ruby (a deep red almost mahogany). Colors feature small white patches generally in the chest area and sometimes feet. Check regulations for show colors. They stand about 10 inches and weigh anywhere from 9-12 pounds.

English Toy Spaniel Dogs

English Toy Spaniel Dog Breed

English Toy Spaniel Breed Origins:
They share many traits with the Japanese Chin and the Pekingese, so they are though to come from those regions. During the 1600s they were bred together with Pugs, resulting in a face somewhat stunted like that of the modern version of the breed. The full ‘modern’ version was developed in the British Isles and was seen with royalty. This is what came to be known as the King Charles Spaniel. The breed received full approval in the AKC in mid 1989, but the breed was standardized in Europe as far back as the late 1800s.

English Toy Spaniel Dog Breeders

English Toy Spaniel Dogs

English Toy Spaniel Breed Temperament:
As with most toy-style dogs, the English Toy Spaniels is playful and happy. They are well-behaved and fairly intelligent. If raised with consistent and firm training they are very quiet dogs with laid-back natures. They generally do will with other dogs and will be good with children if shown proper leadership and training by their owners. They bark an average amount so they can serve somewhat in a watchdog/alertdog capacity. They should be considered companion dogs however. As with any small dog, watch for small dog syndrome and possessiveness. Daily walks where the owner shows pack leadership will cement good behavior and health of the dog.

English Toy Spaniel Puppies for Sale

English Toy Spaniel Puppies for Sale

English Toy Spaniel Breed Mortality:
Small breeds are prone to a variety of issues and English Toy Spaniels are no exception to this rule. However, proper check-ups and even genetic testing of breeders can eliminate or reduce many of the issues that are possible. Possible conditions are as follows: general respiratory issues, heart disease, eye and ear infections (due to their facial structure, keep them clean and free of congestion, and keep them out heat for the same reasons) and slipped stifle. This particular breed lives for average of 10-12 years and will be energetic and happy well into its older years.Cute Puppies For Sale’s full Dog Breed Directory to identify a Certified English Toy Spaniel Breeder.

English Toy Spaniel Breed Overview:
The English Toy Spaniel is an extremely popular toy breed, with and adorable personality. If you want a companion to snuggle with this is the dog for you. They absolutely love their families, and will be playful, yet well-mannered with other animals and children. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate English Toy Spaniel Breeders in your state.

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