Euraiser Dog Breed

Eurasier Dog Breed Introduction:
The Eurasier is a very young breed created in Germany. It combines the most desirable traits of several popular breeds into a very beautiful and interesting dog breed. They have traits from Chow Chows, Wolfspitz (Keeshond) and Samoyeds. The Eurasier continues to be refined through several major federations within it’s native Germany. Check out Cute Puppies For Sale’s full Dog Breed Directory to identify a Breeder with Eurasier Puppies for sale close by.

Euraiser Puppy for sale

Euraiser Puppy

Eurasier Dog Breed Origins and History:
The Origin of the Euraiser dog breed can be directly traced back to 1960 (we said it was a young breed!), and the work of two individuals by the name of Charlotte Baldamus and founder Julius Wipfel set out with a few other dog enthusiasts to take this breed. The goal was to combine, “the best qualities of the Chow Chow and the Wolfspitz”. Initially the breed was named Wolf-Chow. In the next dozen years the breed was then crossed with the Samoyed resulting in the most current version of the breed, known as the Eurasier. The belgian Fédération Cynologique Internationale recognized the breed in 1973.

The breed is slowly gaining in popularity thanks in part to the three European kennel clubs that support the group and directly control it’s breeding. Popularity was also bolstered by the Euraiser receiving inclusion as a “Working Dog” but the Canadian Kennel Club in the mid-nineties. As the breed becomes more recognized, imposters are popping up to try and capitalize on the breed in many other countries. Be ware of imposter breeds created by Keeshond/Chow chow mixes that lack the years of refinement and addition of Samoyed traits in the Euraiser dog breed.

Euraiser Puppies for Sale

Euraiser Puppy Dog

Eurasier Dog Breed Appearance:
You will find Euraiser puppies to be well-balanced dogs of medium size. Their appearance is definitely in the style of the Spitze. The Euraiser has a thick undercoat with a loose hair top-coat. The coat on the head, ears and front legs is short and fine. The hing legs, back of the front legs and the tail feature long-haired feathering. The coat on the next should be a medium length. The coat’s coloring comes in a variety: black and tan, “wolf” grey, fawn, solid black and red. White is possible though not accepted under FCI standards for the breed. To truly get an idea of their appearance, simply view the pages on this page. They are beautiful dogs.

Euraiser Dog Breeders

Euraiser Dog Breed

Eurasier Dog Breed Temperament:
Euraiser puppies are a mostly quiet dog breed, with even-tempered and laid-back personality. They are friendly and affectionate and at the same time alert and watchful. They can be quite shy and reserved around those unfamiliar to them (both people and other pets). Early socialization will help to ease this trait, you don’t want your pet to go to either extreme (timidity or aggressiveness) due to a lack of familiarity with other people and pets. They are quite intelligent, making them fairly easily trainable as long as a gentle yet firm approach is used. Because they are smart, training must be mixed up. Lack of variety in training will lead to the dog becoming bored and disinterested. They can act as alert dogs, as they will usually bark once to indicate something unfamiliar to them, but they are not guard dogs. See Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate Eurasier Puppies for Sale from reputable breeders near you.

Euraiser Dog Breeder

Euraiser Breed

Eurasier Dog Breed Mortality and Health:
As we’ve mentioned, this is a very young breed. Many breeds in their early years have a tendency to pick up hereditary issues. These are still rare, but possible issues are: luxating patella, hypothyroidism and hip dysplasia. The breed also is susceptible to eyelash and eyelid disorders like entropion an dectropion. Check with your breeder for any health issues within the line and as always keep regular veterinary appointments to maintain a healthy and happy Euraiser puppy. The breed will live on average about 12 years.

Eurasier Dog Breed Overview:
The Euraiser a very young dog breed, first coming into existence in the 1960s and 70s. They combine traits of the Samoyed, Chow Chow and Keeshond breeds are very beautiful, well-mannered and loving dogs. They prefer to be inside and with the family and have a need to be with them a good portion of the day. Do not take on the responsibility of a Euraiser puppy without taking this into consideration. Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate Eurasier Breeders in your state.

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