Finnish Lapphund Dog Breed Basics:
The Finnish Lapphund Dog Breed does indeed come from Finland and surrounding areas.  This medium-sized spitz type breed is a hardy yet easy-going dog which has been traditionally used in a herding capacity for reindeer.  Strangely it is far more popular outside of its native country.  This is an intelligent and active breed and are friendly and alert.  There are excellent outdoor companions in virtually any weather or climate type. Check out Cute Puppies For Sale’s comprehensive Dog Breed Listings to locate an Finnish Lapphund Breeder close to you.
Finnish Lapphund Puppy for Sale

Finnish Lapphund Puppy for Sale

Finnish Lapphund Dog Breed Temperament:
The Finnish Lapphund or “Lappie” has a very high level of intelligence, which allows them to excel greatly at obedience and any manner of training.  Combine their training acumen with their agility and you have a breed of dogs that is made for winning contests of all kinds.  Due to their herding history, they have a distinct bark which they use on a regular basis, this was originally to make them stand out from wolves in the region.  So, they will naturally bark as they are highly alert; a certain amount of noise should be expected.  Problem barking can fairly easily be removed with proper training and interaction.  Finnish Lapphunds have a natural empathy that makes them perfect for families with elederly members, people with disabilities and children.  They are sensitive, gentle and responsive.  This is an excellent family dog breed. Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive dog breed directory has cute Finnish Lapphund puppies for sale.
Finnish Lapphund Puppies for Sale

Finnish Lapphund Puppies for Sale

Finnish Lapphund Dog Breed Appearance:
The Finnish Lapphund Dog is medium in size and is slightly longer than it is high.  They feature a strong double coat; the topcoat is coarse and the undercoat is short and fluffy.  They stand approximately 16-20 inches tall at the withers and weigh anywhere from just above 30 to slighly over 50 pounds.  Their neck resembles a lion’s mane due to to its denseness, which suprisingly requires little maitenance.  The come in a large array of color variations: red, brown, sable, white, black and wolf-sable all make themselves known, with one color predominating.  Black and tans are fairly common. Another breed trait is the presence of spectacles, which come in the form of a lighter ring of color around the eyes.
Finnish Lapphund Dog Breed Origins & History:
The breed is reindeer herder that comes from the Sami peoples.  The Sami peoples are indigenous residents of mostly Scandanavian countries, including Finland, Sweden and Norway and also parts of Russia.  They are northern cold-weather people and their dogs are built to withstand this kind of weather as well.  The Norwegians and Swedes wanted to first standardize the breed jsut before World war II; the breed was under serious threat of extinction due to widespread distemper outbreaks.  Finland set the first breed standards in 1945.  History suggest that the breed at this time was a cross between regional reindeer dogs and the Karelian Bear Dog.  The breed was refined in the 1960s also under the Finnish Kennel Club.  Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive dog breed directory has gorgeous Finnish Lapphund puppies for sale.
Finnish Lapphund Dog Breed

Finnish Lapphund Dog Breed

The Finnish Lapphund dog breed was imported into Denmark in the early 1980s.  It became hugely popular due to its variety and wonderful temperament and remains popular in the country.  In the late 1980′s the breed made it’s way to America which was no small feat.  The numbers of the breed slowly grew and gained accrediation with various groups and clubs, until finally becoming part of the AKC Miscellaneous group in July of 2009.  The Breed followed similar paths to the U.K. and Canada, gaining full recognition in the 2000s.
Finnish Lapphund Dog Breed Mortality:
A very healthy and long-lived breed, the Finnish Lapphund has a typical lifepsan of 12-14 years, with ages of 16-17 not being uncommon.  They have some hereditary eye issues in the form of cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy (GRPA).  The affected rate of Lappies by GRPA is 2-3% and cataracts are at roughly 3 1/2%, this is normally for the pure Finnish members of the breed; numbers in the UK and US are even smaller. Hip dysplasia is possible, but cases are very rare. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s comprehensive Dog Breed Directory to locate a Certified Finnish Lapphund Breeders.
Finnish Lapphund Puppies for Sale

Finnish Lapphund Puppies for Sale

Finnish Lapphund Dog Breed Overview:
The Finnish Lapphund, is a very intelligent and sporting medium-sized dog breed who will be at home either on a farm or traditional household.  They are perfectly suited for cold-weather climates and plenty of outdoor action, so they can go with you wherever you are.  They are strong, hardy and have a good lifespan which relatively small chances of any hereditary conditions.  Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to uncover Finnish Lapphund Breeders within your town.

9 Responses to “Finnish Lapphund Dog Breed”

  1. Damien says:

    They look great and sound nice as well . Are they difficult to find ? I currently live in Tempe,Az.

  2. anonymous says:

    There are several breeders in North America. The usual place to start is with Linda Marden at Sugarok in Tennessee–she’s the FLCA president and can put you in contact with other breeders and owners in the United States. You can find her website at It’s also recommended you join the Finnish Lapphund yahoo group. The FLCA website seems to be down presently, but the Finnish Lapphund Club of Canada site is up and running and very nice and can put you in contact with American breeders as well.

    I have a Lappy, they’re great dogs but might suffer some in the heat unless you are conscientious about keeping them cool. Definitely not outdoor dogs for the summer in Arizona.

  3. lynn kurth says:

    AZ would be the an awful place for a Lapphund. Their double coat of hair makes warm temps. difficult for them. We own a Lapphund and live in WI and our dog is really uncomfortable when temps. reach the 80′s.

  4. Bill Davis says:

    We live in the SF Bay Area, cool weather all year, and rescued a Lappie from a frat house in LA 6 years ago.
    She loves the cold concrete in our garage and when we go to our cabin in the mountains will lie spread-eagle on top of the snow on our deck. She cannot get enough of the cold.
    We are crazy about her and her independence and stubborn indifference and wonderful personality and “super soft” fur (as a 5 year old girl described her), but she is not suited and suffered terribly in the warm climate of LA.

  5. Carlos A. Castro says:

    I live in south florida and I would like to buy a Lappie. Do you know a trustful place to buy a puppy?

    Thank you


  6. Alayna says:

    I think warmer climated would be fine if kept as an indoor dog. We have two American Eskimos, similar double coat and amount of fur, and we live in Phoenix, AZ. They love the mild climate in the fall, winter and spring, and spend most of their time indoors during the 3-4 months of hot weather.

  7. Charles says:

    We were lucky enough to adopt a Lappie which was abandoned on the streets of Harrisburg Pa as a puppy, and enjoyed every minute of his long full always happy life as a member of our family. Bo was always happy to be my hiking partner no matter what the weather conditions, and would always be in the window waiting for his big brother to come home. We had to put him down a few months ago due to his inability to get up or remain up when helped, but considering he was 17 helped us make peace with his passing. Although the family referred to him as my little brother, he was definitely my father’s boy and his passing was very difficult for my father. We would love to get my parents another lappie and would greatly appreciate any info you could give on any breeders in Pennsylvania or at least the north east. Thank you in advance for any and all help you can offer.

  8. Rebecca Page says:

    I rescued a Finnish Lapphund back in 88.. she was THE best dog I have ever had. She died of cancer thanksgiving of 2001… and I miss her dearly.. She was almost solid black with a grayish belly and the bottom part of her tail was grayish as well.. and I dearly want to have another one.. but I have been unable to find either a puppy, or a rescue from a shelter. If anyone can put me in touch with a reputable rescue or breeder, that would be most awesome. Thank you.

  9. hello,
    I live in Oklahoma and was wondering if you knew where I could get a Lappie puppy?? from a trustful home??
    please and thank you!

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