Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed Introduction:
Despite the name, this is not a Giant Breed. The Giant affixation is just used as a differentiator between the standard and miniature sizes of the breed. The Giant Schnauzer is a stronger and bigger version of the Standard Schnauzer. Like the other sizes they are reliable, intelligent and high-spirited dogs. The Giant Schnauzer also has the capacity to be an excellent worker dog, and in fact is categorized under the working dog breed of the AKC. See Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate an Giant Schnauzer Breeder near you.

Giant Schnauzer Puppy

Giant Schnauzer Puppy

Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed Appearance:
Giant Schnauzers are big and strong yet compact, as mentioned they are within proportion of the other Schnauzer sizes just larger. Length and Height should be very similar for a square overall frame. Their heads are rectangular and the muzzle should be an equal length to the top of the head. Their noses and lips are black. Natural ears sit high upon the head with a v-shape set in close. Their backs are straight and end in a high-set tail. In the past docking was common to the 2nd or 3rd joint. This is now illegal in most of Europe and other parts of the world. The Giant Schnauzer coat is double, featuring a soft undercoat beneath a dense and wiry outer-coat; coats are either salt and pepper or black. As with the other sizes, the bushy whiskers, beard and eyebrows are present. Weekly brushing keeps the undercoat in good condition.

Schnauzer Puppy

Schnauzer Puppy

Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed Origins:
The overall Schnauzer breed dates back to at prior to the early 1800s when the giant variation has been on record as being a dog found on pig and cattle farms. The Schnauzer was developed in the areas of Bavaria and Wurttenberg, mainly in the highlands. Aroudn the turn of the century it was common to find German Pinschers and the coarse-haired Schnauzer in the same litters. German Pinscher enthusiasts quickly setup breed guidelines which helped to separate the breeds. The wire-haired became known as Standard Schnauzers. When mixed with the black Great Dane and a dog known as the Bouvier des Flandres, the Giant Schnauzer variation emerged. In German schnauze translates to muzzle. The breed is known as Risenschnauzer in it’s native land, meaning ‘the giant’. They were employed as driving cattle dogs in the Bavarian highlands where they were referred to as oberlanders and often conducted military and police work, thanks to size, obedience and intelligence. Their numbers dwindled during the two great wars, but enthusiast worked to revive their numbers starting shortly after World War I and succeeded in doing so. Check out Cute Puppies For Sale’s full Dog Breed Directory to identify a Breeder with Giant Schnauzer Puppies for sale close by.

Giant Schnauzer Breeder

Giant Schnauzer Puppy Breed

Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed Temperament:
Schnauzers are versatile by nature; combing energy, intelligence, loyalty and a positive attitude to all that they do. When required they are brave and bold and will guard your possessions or your family vigorously. When not on the alert they are fun-loving and playful companion that will be accepting and reliable. Socialize the Giant Schnauzer early and often, that goes for other dogs and pets, as well as humans. Experienced owners are generally best, they should be consistent and firm, while displaying calm at all times. Provide your dog with ample amounts of mental and physical exercises and all other training will become much easier. When in good environments you will be amused to see their playful, funny and puppy-like nature extends into older age as well. Prepare your immediate and extended families, their barks are loud and imposing to match their size; though not aggressive by nature, this will scare people, making them excellent guard dogs. This breed can easily go for work, show, competitions or simply as a family dog.

Giant Schnauzer Dog Breeders

Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed

Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed Mortality:
There are some common maladies to be aware of in the Giant Schanuzer breed. Hip dysplasia is very common and most likely a result of size, as is bloat (common with large breed dogs). Cancer, particularly of the toe is common and is often fatal. Watch for various autoimmune diseases and epilepsy as well. Not many of these are preventable, however if caught early enough and treated they can be manageable. Owners can combat bloat (Gastric Torsion) by providing smaller meals as opposed to singular large meals. They live on average 12-15 years.

Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed Overview:
The Giant Schnauzer is large, majestic breed with strong and commanding presence that is still a funny, fun-loving and intelligent dog. They will be at home on a farm, working in various capacities, competing in show or agility competitions or just be a general family dog (as long as they can get out and be active with the family) they will excel. Find out why they have been gaining in popularity abroad over the years by securing a Giant Schnauzer puppy for yourself. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate Giant Schnauzer Breeders in your state.

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