A recent very popular type of hybrid or “designer dog” is the Goldendoodle. Made by cross-breeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever these dogs were intended for service dogs. The reason being they wanted a service dog who shed little to no fur for people with disabilities and allergies. Although they also became popular family pets as well.

Goldendoodles can vary greatly based upon which breed they inherited the most genes from. Grooming, coat appearance, and size is the easiest visual representation of this. For example if it is a curlier coat with minimum shedding the Poodle genes were most likely dominant. While a taller, heavier dog would have drawn from the Golden Retriever side.

These dogs are regarded to be easily trained due to their intelligence. For this reason it is recommended to practice positive reinforcement during the dogs training. Pairing this with proper living conditions and exercise will avoid a dog with behavioral problems. Considering all this with the fact that they are very sociable dogs, its easy to see why they are popular for family and service pets.

With a life expectancy of 15 years Goldendoodles are great choices for long term pets. So if you decided you want to be a proud Goldendoodle owner go to http://www.dawgydoodles.com for trusted and experienced breeders.

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