Irish Red and White Setter Breed Introduction:
The Irish Red and White Setter, as its name implies, is a setter type dog with origins traced to Ireland. They are in most ways exactly the same as their cousin, the Red setter (or Irish Setter), though they are more often used as working dog. They are-high energy, athletic dogs that can be at times impuslive and are highly intelligent. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate an Irish Red and White Setter Breeder near you.

Irish Red and White Setter Puppy

Irish Red and White Setter Puppy

Irish Red and White Setter Breed Appearance:
The Irish Red and White Setter is obviously known for is red and white long and silky coat. The majority of the color is white with large patches that are a deep red color. The coat is feather and has a fine texture to it, sometimes with a wave (curly hair is possible, but is not admissable for show dogs). They have powerful, strong builds that while not for racing speed, are quick and athletic. Their heads are broad and within proportion to their body size and feature dark brown or hazel colored eyes and a square, clean muzzle. The Irish Red and White’s neck is long and muscular but not overly thick. They stand 22-26 inches tall and weigh 50-75 pounds.

Irish Red and White Setter Dogs

Irish Red and White Setter Dog

Irish Red and White Setter Breed Origins:
Original, Irish Setters were in general parti-colored, feature reds and whites. In the 1800s, all red Irish setters were not the norm and were in very rare numbers. Around the mid century, the purely red-coated setters began to gain favor and the Red and White started a steep decline. They were bred separately mainly for color. By the Late 1800s and early 1900s the now separated Irish Red and White Setter was nearly extinct. Small groups of enthusiasts managed to keep the breed alive and in the 1920s reviavl attempts were ramped up. The modern day Irishe Red and White Setter breed traces its origins to those 1920s revival attempts. The 1940s saw the formation of the Irish Red and White Club and the breed continued to grow. By the 1980s similar organizations existed throught the world, including America. The Irish Red and White saw initial acceptance into the AKC around 2007 and went on to receive full status in early 2009.

Irish Red and White Setter Puppies

Irish Red and White Setter Puppies for Sale

Irish Red and White Setter Breed Temperament:
Irish Red and White Setter is a pointing bird dog (a setter, or sporting dog) so their instincts are for hunting and athletic activities. They are full of energy and spirit, are very affectionate, intelligent and loving as well. Their guarding instincts are non-existant. The high levels of energy they possess means that they can become destructive and high-strung when not properly exercised mentally and physically. They can be extremely impuslive and are aware of variances in tone, so if they sense an owner who is not committed and firm with instruction they are apt to ignore commands. Housebreaking is usually an easy task with this breed. They are excellent for show or hunting (inquire about the breed line for which type you wish to have), but either style, they again needs ample amounts of exercise and mental activities to ward of bad behavior borne from boredom and high levels of energy. When on walks or runs make sure that know you are the lead; be calm yet firm with all training.

Irish Red and White Setter Dog Breeders

Irish Red and White Setter Dog Breed

Irish Red and White Setter Breed Mortality:
The Irish Red and White is prone to von Willebrand’s disease, a disease found in humans and a few other animals and dog breeds. Von Willebrand’s causing various amounts of bleeding tendencies, including bleeding gums, easy bruising, nosebleeds and difficulty clotting. They also have a propensity for cataracts, though minor and not eyesight threatening. Another issue to watch for is Canine Leucocyte Adhesion Deficiency, an autoimmune disease that is most notable for many bacterial infections. The breed has a lifespan that extends towars 15 years old. Cute Puppies For Sale’s full Dog Breed Directory to identify a Certified Irish Red and White Setter Breeder.

Irish Red and White Setter Breed Overview:
This old Irish dog breed dates back to at least the early 1800s when it was more popular than it rare couse in the Red Setter (which became the majority and simply named Irish Setter). They sensitive, loving and intelligent dogs, that can be employed as hunting/working dogs, show dogs, or simply active members of any family. They are rare in comparison to their purely red cousins, so you will have a truly unique, yet familiar dog. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate Irish Red and White Setter Breeders in your state.

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  1. Nadia Velazquez says:

    Hi! im writing from Guadalajara, México.
    I met an Irish Red and White Setter when I was 10 years old, untill then I thought that I wasnt too much in to dogs but then I met Lugger, a 1 year Irish R & W setter, it was the dog of a friend of my Dad, it was a gift from a relative who lived outside the country.
    I instantly fell in love with the dog, he was very playful, full of personality and incredibly beautiful.
    I remember every time that I visit him, I had a lot of fun! then they took him away and I never saw him again, since then I’ve been dreaming of get my own Setter now that I have 25 and my own place, I know its October now but is there any chance you have some puppies? or you know anybody else who does and want to send him to Mexico? It would be a dream come true for me.

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