Irish Setter Dog Breed Introduction:

The Irish Setter Dog Breed is also know as the Red Setter (The Irish “sotar rua” translates to red setter). There are a bird dog (also know as gun dog), which means they are very active. They are good family animals and are very easy-going. This means they are not effective guard dogs and must get a good amount of regular exercise. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s comprehensive Dog Breed Index to locate an Irish Setter Breeder in your area.

Irish Setter Puppies for Sale

Irish Setter Puppies for Sale

Irish Setter Dog Breed Temperament:

The Irish Setter dog breed is a highly energetic, intelligent and loving one. They are very good-natured and get along with other dogs, pets and children. Due to their frenetic energy levels, they must be well-exercised, meaning long brisk walks or jogs every day. The owner must be dominate when leading the Irish Setter but not harsh in discipline as they don’t respond to that well. Instead, use a firm tone, especially when training them to not jump on people, this will become an issue as the dog increases in size. They are fairly easy to housebreak and train as long as they are well exercised because of their high energy. Cute Puppies For Sale’s complete dog breed directory has cute Irish Setter puppies for sale.

Irish Setter Puppy

Irish Setter Puppy for Sale

Irish Setter Dog Breed Appearance:

The Irish Setter has a height of 26-28 inches and their weight is in the 65-75 pound range. They have a moderately long brown colored coat that requires frequent brushing. These dogs are build for speed and hunting, they are excellent at tracking and retrieving as well as acting as watchdogs. Cute Puppies For Sale’s in-depth dog breed directory has lovely Irish Setter puppies for sale.

Irish Setter Dog Breed Origins:

The Irish Setter was specifically bred through the years by mixing English Setters, Pointers, Gordon Setters, Irish Terriers and Irish Water Spaniels. In the United States the breed was initially called the Irish Red Setter. References to the setter have been seen in publish works dating back to the 1500s. The breed initially had much shorter legs and had a red and white mix of color. Specialized breeding through the 19th century heightened the legs and produces the pure red coating it is known for today. The Breed became standardized in Ireland in the late 1800s and by this point they were pure hunters as they are both pointers and retrievers.

Irish Setter Dog Breeder

Irish Setter Dog Breeder

Irish Setter Dog Breed Mortality:

The Irish Setter Breed is prone to bloat, epilepsy, elbow and hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, eye issues, auto-immune disease and severe skin allergies. Despite all of these possible conditions, the Setter can live upwards of 15 years. Be sure to also watch for inflammation and ear infections. The bloat can be combated by serving 2-3 small meals a day as opposed to singular large meals.

Irish Setter Puppies for Sale

Irish Setter Puppies for Sale

Irish Setter Dog Breed Synopsis:

The Irish Setter is a silky, smooth, athletic, friendly and intelligent dog breed.  They are wonderful with children, other pets (if well socialized and trained) and visitors and love to be active, requiring daily exercise.  They are very passive animals by nature, so they do not make good guard dogs, but will alert you when necessary. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s in-depth Dog Breed Directory to discover a Certified Irish Setter Breeder.

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