Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed Introduction:
There is much still to uncover as to the mysteries within the minds of dogs. With their barks, and body movements, we are able to quantify and characterize the different things they do to mean certain things. Psychologists have used dogs in numerous case studies, and still we don’t know everything. Some dogs on the other hand, like the Kerry Blue Terrier can always be counted on to be energetic and full of life. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s comprehensive dog breeder directory to find cute Kerry Blue Terrier puppies for sale and Kerry Blue Terrier dog breeders near you.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppy

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies for Sale

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed Temperament:
As it is with most terriers, the Kerry Blue Terrier loves to be with the family. Whether its curled up on the sofa watching a movie, or on the floor as a foot warmer, they just want to be right in the mix of it all. Kerry Blue’s like to relax, but they really like to run and play. With their long legs they are exceptional jumpers (though during the first two years needs to be kept to a minimum to prevent bone fractures) and excel in agility courses. Since they are a terrier, their nose is highly sensitive to smells, while their eye site is hyper sensitive to movement. This makes the need for them to be on a leash during walks a necessity, but can be off leash in a fenced in yard that is leak proof. They are very clever and can find or make a breach in a fence if left unattended for extended periods of time. The Kerry Blue Terrier dog breed does better as an indoor pet, but will require daily long walks outside if they are. Fetch is a great way to expel some of that excess energy that can build up.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies for Sale

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed Appearance:
Allergies are one of the leading reasons why people don’t have dogs. Pet hair contains pet dander, that in extreme cases can cause hives. The Kerry Blue Terrier dog breed is unlike so many dogs, in that they do not shed. Their coat is long and wavy that can appear in blue-black, and varying degrees of slate to blue-black. Even though the Kerry Blue Terrier doesn’t shed, they still need routine clips every month or two to keep the hair clean and the functionality of the dog in every day activities.
There are no such thing as toy Kerry Blue Terriers, just one’s that don’t fit the AKC standard of height. Most of these dogs will not be considered for breeding, but still make wonderful pets. The acceptable height is 18 inches tall at the withers with a weight of up to 40 pounds. These dogs have a completely balanced design, making them suitable for most climates. Colder times of year may require the Kerry Blue Terrier to need a sweater, or allow the coat to be longer in the winter then clipping during the spring.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies for Sale

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed History and Origins:
There is a lot to be said of the past that is of the Kerry Blue Terrier dog breed. Throughout history within Ireland, the country this dog was established in, the Kerry Blue Terrier has been widely used as a working farm dog. Even now, police in Ireland and other European countries still use these dogs in place of German Shepherds like in America. This mostly due in part to the Kerry Blue Terrier dog breed being known as the National Dog Of Ireland.

There is little speculation that the peak time in popularity of the “Irish Blue” Terrier, a name that the Kerry Blue Terrier was frequently called, was during the beginning of the 19th century. Due to Ireland’s journey through the ages into what we see today, a lot formal documentation wasn’t a priority. Neither was making it a point to write down what breeds were used to create each different dog breed. With that said, it is a wonder that there is any information on them at all.

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed Mortality:
If you choose to buy a Kerry Blue Terrier dog for sale, you can rest assure that you are choosing one of the healthiest dog breeds available. There are very few what are a called “back yard” breeders of the Kerry Blue Terrier. It would be rare sight indeed to find one in a pet store. These dogs are not immune to infection or disease however. As puppies the Kerry Blue Terrier needs to be given the proper nutrition for their medium to large bone structures to form properly. The puppy years are a crucial time to instill manners. The simplest of commands to teach are sit and lay down. Do not press down on the rear end to get them to do this. Hip problems can easily form adding stress or pressure during the growth phase.

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breeders

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed Summary:
Dogs are one of the most loyal and devoted pets. There is such a thing as being a dog person. The Kerry Blue Terrier dog breed will be an extension of the family the way they should be. With all the ways to pamper your pet, the Kerry Blue Terrier will return your investment ten fold.

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