Kishu Dog Breed Introduction:
The Kishu also known as Kishu Ken or Kishu Inu is perhaps the oldest of the Japanese spitz-style dog breeds, predating both the Akita and Shiba. The Kishu breed is a family-friendly, loving and intelligent breed of medium size that is very rare not only throughout the world but in their native Japan as well. Visit our comprehensive breeder directory to find Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies for sale close by.

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Kishu Dog Breed Origins and History:
In Japan, the spitz-stle dog breed, which became the Kishu has been bred for more than 3,000 years. The breed remained isolated in the mountains on the island of Kyushu (an island in the south of Japan) for quite awhile. This created a very pure stock of dogs. Their original purpose was to hunt deer, board and at times even bear. When hunting, the Kishu is fierce and focused. Kishus, like the other Japanese spitz dogs are silent hunters, slowly stalking prey, without barking and cornering it until the hunter can take their shot, earning them a Japanese phrase that mean “One dog, one shot”. Some Kishu in Japan are still hunters, but in general, they are simply family dogs and companions now.

In 1934 the Kishu Ken was designated as a National Treasure in Japan. As a result their numbers abroad and even at home are very limited. Exporting of the dog has severe restriction put in place and breeders outside of Japan are scarce, with only currently one breeder in the United States. At this time there is only one European breeder as well in the Netherlands, so the number of Kishu Ken puppies available throughout the world is very small.

Kishu Inu Puppy

Kishu Ken Puppy

Kishu Dog Breed Appearance:
Your Kishu puppies will begin to grow to a size of 17-22 inches tall and will weigh anywhere from 30-60 pounds. The Kishu is predominately pure white dog, brindle coloring and red are possible, however not acceptable under breeding standards. Their noses are almost always black though may be pink or brown as well. Their appearance is quite similar to shibas, akita and other Japanese spitz styles. Their coat is coarse, short and straight and features a thick undercoat. The tail is curled towards the back and there is fringe on both the tail and cheeks. They are a sleek and well-muscled dog breed.

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Kishu Dog Breed

Kishu Dog Breed Temperament:
The Kishu Ken is a somewhat reserved dog. They are best with one family and usually bond to a single person within that family. They are very intelligent but also very stubborn. They are very independent, combined with stubbornness this makes training essential and sometimes challenging. However, with consistent work it should come fairly easily. They are leaders and can be dominate with other dogs and children. Socialize them early with other dogs and kids in order to alleviate any pack dominance. Housebreaking is usually easy. The hunting drive remains strong with the breed, so families with other small pets are probably not an ideal situation for the Kishu. This is an active, outdoor-loving dog, family that are inside-oriented, don’t have much time for their pets and don’t do a lot of exercising will not do well with this breed. See Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate Kishu Puppies for Sale from reputable breeders near you.

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Kishu Inu Breed

Kishu Dog Breed Mortality and Health:
Due to their high energy and hunting instincts, this is not a dog to be kept cooped up in a kennel or apartment. They need to be active and spend lots of time with the family, particularly whomever they have bonded with. Like Shibas, they are extremely athletic, a very tall fence is required if you don’t want to spend lots of time chasing them down. Check the your Kishu Puppy out with your vet on a regular basis, keep their nails trim and ears cleaned to avoid any possible infections. The Kishu is a very health dog breed.

Kishu Dog Breed Overview:
If you own a Kishu, you own one of the most ancient and yet rare dog breeds in the world. A Kishu has a classic Japanese-spitz style look and a high level of intelligence and loyalty. For the family who has the proper time to train, care for and interact with their dogs, a Kishu puppy or Kishu puppies will be a great find. Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate Kishu Breeders in your state.

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