Labrador Retriever Dog Breed

Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Introduction:

Labrador puppies for sale are on the AKC’s list of top 20 dog breeds, and not without just consideration.  The breed has been around for centuries, but the 20th century was when the AKC shed more light to the Labrador Retriever dog breed, no pun intended.  The sale of the Labrador Retriever is at an all time high, when families are wanting an all around versatile pet to add to their family. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive dog breed directory to find cute Labrador Retrievers For Sale.

Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale
Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale


Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Temperament And General Appearance:

Labrador Retrievers are very gentle dogs that revels with family friendliness. The Labrador Retriever is an attention hog.  The Labrador Retriever dog breed is extremely patient and gentle with even the littlest of children. The Labrador Retriever is in toy land to a child in wide open spaces, and naturally will  love fetching whatever things you throw for them to bring back.  Retrieving is the Labrador’s instinctual habit.  This makes the Labrador Retriever an excellent drug sniffing dog.  Going to work everyday with their owners or just being a foot warmer, the Labrador aims to please and won’t easily discourage. The Labrador dog breed will be ready to do it again and again just for you . They like the water no matter what temperature outside as their coat protects them. Labrador Retriever’s are extremely talented swimmer. The webbing between the toes on the Labrador are a distinctive trait that sets them apart from most hunting dog breeds.

Traditionally bred for sporting,  families have added  the Labrador Retriever  as part their active family.  The Labrador dog breed is still the trusty hunting companion, which adds to the diversity of what this dog breed will provide for your domicile. The Labrador Retriever is included with the double-coated breed which means they shed seasonally. Consistent and continual grooming keeps this dog breed’s coat at its Sunday’s best.

The Labrador Retriever has a strongly built frame, medium in size, athletic, well-balanced conformation that enables them on their missions as a retrieving gun dog.  The substance and soundness the Labrador Retriever dog breed inhabits allows the Labrador to hunt game for long hours with no difficulty at all.  The Labrador Retriever dog breed shows all the sense and quality required to win the best in show, as well as harboring  the temperament to be a family companion. Physical features and mental characteristics of the Labrador Retriever have long since been an admirable traite, and continues to be the dog breed that many households think of as “The American Dog Breed.”

The Labrador Retriever’s are customarily bred and considered a true AKC certified specimen of the breed if they come  in the five main colors of black, yellow, chocolate or brown. There are many differences of color in the  “yellow” type of Labrador Retriever that include bronze or burnt orange as well . Visit Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive dog breed directory to find cute Labrador Retrievers For Sale.

Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale
Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale


Origin Of The Labrador Retriever Dog Breed:

The thought of where the Labrador Retriever originated from was first thought to be from the country called Labrador.   This was very soon to be refuted on all accounts. The modern day Labrador Retriever dog breed was found to come from Newfoundland. The name relationship may have been the result from a geographical association.  Labrador just happens to be established Northwest of Newfoundland. The word Labrador in Portuguese means  “yeoman” or “laborer” and the Spanish meaning for workmen, “labradores.”  Many historians could not also ignore the relationship between a  Northern Portugal city called Castro Laboreiro.  There the dogs that guarded the livestock that are the close in resemblance to Labrador Retriever dog breed. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive dog breed directory to find cute Labrador Retrievers For Sale.

History of the Labrador Retriever Dog Breed:

In the United States, the Labrador Retriever dog breed gained world wide recognition following a 1928 American Kennel Gazette article, “Meet the Labrador Retriever”.   After that article, the AKC published that there had only been 23 Labrador Retrievers registered, due in small part because the United States and United Kingdom hunting requirements have them in mind. The Labrador Retriever dog breed became most popular as a hunting dog during the roaring 20′s  and continued holding onto that popularity through the course of WW2.  The Labrador has received the recognition of combining  what the United States considers the best dog breed as both a game finder and water dogs.

The Labrador Retriever dog breed was slower at moving the population to the West in Europe.  An  example of this is when the Russian Retriever Club traced back the arrival of Labrador Retriever dog breed to the late 1960′s.  The Labrador was firstly depicted as the household pet of many diplomats and foreign ministers. At that time, the constituted order of the breed in the former USSR was at first prevented by not being able to prove up to standard breeding and bloodlines. This delay kept through until the 1980′s where though there were some home-born dogs most were imported from overseas. Such difficulties with just trying to get the breed established in other countries, many breeders were crossbreeding the Labrador Retriever with other Retriever dog breeds. Over the course of the next decade, the access to a pure blood line of Labrador Retriever to over seas countries other than North America improved substantially.  To this day the Labrador Retriever AKC certified bloodline is now regularly monitored and made available to other countries. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive dog breed directory to find cute Labrador Retrievers For Sale.

Labrador Retrievers For Sale
Labrador Retrievers For Sale


Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Mortality:

The Labrador Retriever dog breed has such floppy ears that harbors a breeding ground for bacteria and makes them prone to ear infections. Since most owners only complain that they can’t get their Labrador Retriever out of the water,  that means extra precautions are needed to be included with routine grooming.  This is an easy health concern that can be derailed by proper, regular veterinary care.  A healthy inside to a Labrador Retrievers ear should appear free of wax with a light pink (almost white)  color. Darker pink with brownish deposits are a clear indicating symptom of an ear infection.  A family veterinarian should be chosen as soon as ownership is taken on to ensure the healthiness of your cute Labrador puppy.

Like most breeds of dogs, the Labrador Retriever lives for their stomach, and will not miss out on an opportunity to grab a morsel from the carpet or closest humans food dish. With that said, the Labrador Retriever dog breed is a likely candidate to develop food allergies.  Loss of hair will indicate that something in your Labrador Retriever’s diet is not agreeing with them, and contacting your veterinarian is recommended.

Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Summary:

Cute puppies for sale has a high degree of information available in the dog breed directory that will make the finding of a cute Labrador puppy for sale as easy as clicking a button.  Labrador Retriever’s have been on the accredited AKC top 20 list of most popular dog breeds for the past decade or more.  The Labrador dog breed has the ability to warm even the coldest of hearts with one look into their eyes and lick on the hand.  Your cute Labrador puppy is waiting for you to find them. Let cute puppies for sale make that easy for you! Visit Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive dog breed directory to find cute Labrador Retrievers For Sale.

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