Lancashire Heeler Dog Breed Introduction:
The Lancashire Heeler also known as the Ormskirk Heeler or Ormskirk Terrier comes from an area northwest of Wales in England. More specifically they are traced to the farmlands of Orsmkirk a small town in West Lancashire England. These small dogs have a history ratting and herding on small farms along the countryside and are now mostly companion dogs for European families.

Lancashire Puppies for Sale

Lancashire Puppies

Lancashire Heeler Dog Breed Origins and History:
The Lancashire Heeler is believed to have originated with the Welsh Corgi (they share many characteristics of this breed) in the Omskirk area outside of Wales. As long as a 150 years ago a black and tan style terrier dog known as the Manchester Terrier ruled the area. This mixed with the Welsh Corgi type produced what is now called the Lancashire Heeler. As the need for farming dogs in the area decreased, so did the numbers of the dog, greatly. So much so that today’s Lancashire Heeler is considered to be a recreation of the original breed. In the 1960s the interest in the breed returned. In 1978 the Lancashire Heeler Club was created in the UK under the guidance of one Gwen Mackintosh.

Lancashire Heeler Puppy for Sale

Lancashire Heller Puppy Dog

Lancashire Heeler Dog Breed Appearance:
Like the Corgi, the Lancashire Heeler is very low to the ground with very short legs and a long body. They have large and wide ears that point upwards. Their chests are long and deep and their backs are very strong to go along with strong hindquarters. Their short tails are set high and carry forward towards the back. The Lancashire Heeler has a simple undercoat with a harsh and smooth overcoat, making them somewhat water resistant. Lancashires are most often black and tan, however liver and tan is now also acceptable. Appearance of the dog should match disposition with happy, playful and energetic qualities on display.

Lancashire Puppy

Lancashire Puppy Dog

Lancashire Heeler Dog Breed Temperament:
The breed is surprisingly strong, something you might not expect when first looking for Lancashire puppies for sale. Lancashires have a natural drive for herding and ratting and their small size makes them prone to be somewhat defensive of rough interaction. These traits are nigh impossible to remove so they are best left to homes with only older children. Lancashires have a tendency to nip at heels to go along with the herding instinct, this can be trained away, however the breed can be quite stubborn when it comes to obedience. Be aware of their tendencies when taking them into any household, early socialization and consistent training can help the dog to lessen undesirable traits, however you cannot fully remove this dogs instincts. See Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate Lancashire Heeler Puppies for Sale from reputable breeders near you.

Lancashire Heeler Puppies

Lancashire Puppy Dog

Lancashire Heeler Dog Breed Mortality and Health:
Lancashires are generally healthy dogs. They live, on average, between 12 and 15 years; longer is possible. The main areas of concern for the Lancashire Heeler are the eyes. There are three serious conditions that can cause problems for the Lancashire. They are Persistent pupillary membranes, primary lens luxation and Collie eye anomaly. These issues are mostly inherited and can cause anything from mild discomfort to cataracts and even blindness. Work with your breeder and your veterinarian to be aware of these issues in your own Lancashire puppies. Luxating patella is also a potential issue. Don’t be fooled by the dog’s size, they have a ton of energy and agility. Keep these Lancashires active and you will have a healthy, happy, long-term companion.

Lancashire Heeler Dog Breed Overview:
Lancashire Heeler puppies are a great addition to most any home. Owners that are prepared to deal with a dog that has a strong herding instinct and can be stubborn will be rewarded with an awesome dog that looks adorable. They can even still be used as herders if that’s what you are looking for. Either way Lancashire puppies will be joy and energy to your home. Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate Lancashire Heeler Breeders in your state.

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