Norwegian Buhund Dog Breed Introduction:
The Norwegian Buhund is filed under the herding dog category of the AKC. They are spitz type dog breed. They also go by the Norsk Buhund or the Norwegian Sheepdog and share relations to the Jamthund and the Icelandic Sheepdog. Their history and heritage goes back to the Vikings of old in the areas of Scandinavia. They have been traditionally used as herders, guardians of livestock and as general farming dogs. They are one of the four Norwegian Sheep dogs, which includes the Belgian Malinois. See Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate an Norwegian Buhund Breeder near you.

Norwegian Bunhund Puppy for sale

Norwegian Buhund Puppy

Norwegian Buhund Dog Breed Appearance:
The Norwegian Buhund stands from 16-18 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 25 and 40 pounds. They have a fairly typical build for a herding dog, slightly under medium sizing with a overall square shape. The head is a wedge shape, with skull and muzzle that are about equal in length and feature ears that stand up and a black nose. Their backs have little to no slope and their chests are deep. The Norwegian Buhund has a dense yet soft undercoat with a thick and hard but smooth outer coating. Their color is considered to be wheatn, which is any shade from pale cream to bright oranges. Black masks and dark tipped hairs are possible. They also come in an almost complete black coloring. Both color types are preferred to have as little white as possible. They also feature curled tails.

Norwegian Bunhund Puppy Dogs

Norwegian Buhund Puppy

Norwegian Buhund Dog Breed Origins:
During an archaeological dig in Norway known as the Gokstad Excavation, a grave from approximately 900 years ago. This Viking grave also contained skeletons of six dogs which were ancestors to the modern-day Norwegian Buhund. Viking traditions dictated that the most valuable possessions were also buried with the deceased. The Buhunds were to continue their duties as guardians, herders and companions in the next life. The Norwegian Buhund is known to have traveled the world over on many Viking voyages as well. They served as farm hands in western coastal Norway for centuries. They were first officially used in shows in Norway during the 1920′s.

Today, aside from traditional work, the Norwegian Buhund has been used in police work and as aid dogs, along with being presented in shows, agility and obedience trials. In the time of the Vikings the fought wolves and bears, today they guard family homes and protect farm livestock. In 2009 the AKC recognized the Norwegian Buhund under the working dog type.
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Norwegian Buhund Breeders

Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Buhund Dog Breed Temperament:
This breed is extremely happy and energetic, as well as intelligent and willing to please their owners. They have extended reserves of energy so they are in need of daily vigorous activity. If they do not receive this exercise they will turn that energy to other uses, mainly destruction of anything they can get their paws on. They love children and families, however this huge pool of energy requires them to be supervised around very old and very young people; their energy may allow them to get carried away. They love to learn new things, including tricks, but need regular and consistent training. They have a natural gift as watch dogs, being non-aggressive yet very brave and vocal. Watch for their tendency to herd as well and teach them not to do this if they are not going to be used in a working capacity.

Norwegian Buhund Dog Breeders

Norwegian Buhund Dog Breed

Norwegian Buhund Dog Breed Mortality:
Norwegian Buhunds can suffer from inherited hip dysplasia and eye conditions. Mental issues may develop if not exercised properly in mental and physical capacities as mentioned in the temperament section. Other than this they are a generally healthy dog breed. Their average life expectancy ranges from 13-15 years, so they will have a good amount of time with you and your family.

Norwegian Buhund Dog Breed Overview:
The Norwegian Buhund is an excellent dog for work, play or home-life. They can still preform farm work at a high level. In truth their willingness to learn and their high intelligence allow them to to do many tasks, from obedience and tricks to extended work and herding. Experienced and high-energy owners are best as they will need training and lots of participation in outdoor activities. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate Norwegian Buhund Breeders in your state.

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