Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed Introduction:
The Norwegian Elkhound is an extremely old dog breed. They were companions of the Vikings in the regions in and around Norway and date back even further to at least 5000-4000 BC. This solid dog was bred as a hunter for thousands of years, yet it’s even temperament, friendly spirit and versatility lends to its place in many homes. The Norwegian Elkhund is a Spitz style dog breed, classified as a hound dog though that may be contrary to the dog’s instincts and style (more about that in Origins section). See Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate an Norwegian Elkhound Breeder near you.

Norwegian Elkhound Puppy for Sale

Norwegian Elkhound Puppy

Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed Origins:
The Norwegian Elkhound originated with the Scandinavian countries of Northern Europe. Ancestral skeletons date back past 5000 BC. Depictions of this type of dog in the area suggest that this dog was a hunting companion when “Cavemen” were still hunting with primitive weapons. They are most often associated with the Vikings, with whom they worked as guards and hunters. They did directly participate in hunts, taking down game, but were most often employed as trackers. Though classified in the Hound category in both the UK and US, there are not truly a hound dog. In fact, Elkhound was translated from the Norwegian “elghund”, and in Norway “elg” which means moose. They hunt differently than the hounding category suggests and for different game; they track independently and alert, making use of their loud bark and keen sense of smell that extends more than a mile. They would corner, trap or guide big game like, elk, bear, wolf, reindeer, mountain lion and more towards the hunting parties.

In medieval times they continued to be prized hunters throughout Europe and were known as dyrehund. Moving towards modern times, the breed was prized as a sled-dog in the frigid North. They are extremely popular in Norway as would be expected and their gentle nature and reliability have made them popular house pets over the last century. The dog breed was first used in show in Norway during hunting exhibitions in 1877. Their initial AKC recognition came in 1913, and British certification came in 1923. Their strength, intelligence and resistance to harsh weather has lead them to officially part of the Norwegian Defense Ministry. The Ministry can call up all privately held Elkhounds to be part of the countries defense. Today the dog continues to hunt, sled and be a family companion.

Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breeders

Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed

Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed Appearance:
The Norwegian Elkhound is a medium-sized, square-build and hardy dog with a solid frame. They are double-coated with a dense and soft undercoat, and coarse, straight and think outer-coat that is highly resistant to the elements. Their colors are dominantly grey with differing amounts of light and dark towards black and white. Eyes are generally brown and dark. Their ears are high set on top of their wedged head. The chest cavity is deep with a strong defined back-line. The range in height from 18-21 inches and weigh anywhere from 40-70 pounds on average.

Norwegian Elkhound Puppy

Norwegian Elkhound Pup

Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed Temperament:
As their history has dictated the Norwegian Elkound is bold, highly alert and adept at hunting. They are also extremely friendly and loyal to their families. They show reserve with strangers and remain on alert status until that face becomes a familiar one. They are not aggressive by nature and will only become so under extreme duress. They can be willful during training, a combination of instincts and intelligence, so a gentle but firm and consistent training regimen is required. Their high level of alert due to years of hunting also make them prone to barking. New arrivals, sounds, you name it will elicit a bark. The initial bark cannot be helped, it is in their DNA, however subsequent barking should and can be eliminated with again, careful and consistent training. These hunting traits also mean that homes with small animals (not dogs) in the house are probably not suitable. These dogs are active and intelligent, lack of physical and mental exercises will lead to behavioral issues no question. Check out Cute Puppies For Sale’s full Dog Breed Directory to identify a Breeder with Norwegian Elkhound Puppies for sale close by.

Norwegian Elkhound Breed

Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed Mortality:
Issues to be aware with the Norwegian Elkhound are dermatitis, hip dysplasia and PRA. PRA or Progressive retinal atrophy is a genetic disease seen in dogs and cats. It is characterized by bilateral degeneration of the retina. This causes a progressive loss in vision and ultimately blindness. This is an inherited trait. There are test to determine certain traits that may predispose a dog to PRA, so check with your breeder and vet. There is no treatment for PRA.

Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed Overview:
Of the most ancient dog breeds, the Norwegian Elkhound has been a hunter, work and companion to people for thousands of years. They are fierce when they needs to be and always loyal and brave. They display intelligence, positivity and work hard at everything they do. They are excellent hunting companions, cold-weather workers and wonderful, loving family members. See why Norwegians have loved this dog for centuries and find a Norwegian Elkhound puppy of your own. Be sure you have the time and space to help make this dog the best it can be. Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate Norwegian Elkhound Breeders in your state.

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