Pointer Dog Breed

Pointer Dog Breed Introduction:

From the AKC: “A hard-driving hunting dog possessing stamina, courage, and the desire to go, the Pointer is bred primarily for sport afield and definitely looks the part. He gives the impression of power and grace, with a noble carriage, an intelligent expression and a muscular body. His short coat can be liver, lemon, black, and orange; either in combination with white or solid-colored.” This breed is often referred to as the English Pointer, though in the AKC, British Kennel Club and the Field Dog Stud Book they are simply termed as “Pointer”. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to find an Pointer Breeder near you.

Pointer Puppy for Sale

Pointer Puppies for Sale

Pointer Dog Breed Temperament:

The Pointer Dog Breed is extremely enthusiastic and energetic. They are best when part of an family indoors. That said they need a good amount of exercise in order to be calm. This particular dog breed is extremely loyal and devoted and is also highly intelligent. They are true members of the family. They are non-aggressive and enjoy time with children, other dogs and any other pets you may have. Socialize them well early on and ensure they get exercise both physically and mentally and these dogs will remain positive and productive members of the family for years to come. Cute Puppies For Sale’s complete dog breed directory has cute Pointer puppies for sale.

Pointer Puppies for Sale

Pointer Puppies for Sale

Pointer Dog Breed Appearance:

Pointers have a long neck that leads to head that is equal in muzzle length to head width. Their muzzle is deep and their stop well-defined. Their nose is either black/brown or flesh colored. Their eyes are round and dark. They have hanging ears. Pointer front legs are straight and their tail tapers. The accepted standard color combinations are liver and white, lemon and white, and orange and white or black and white. The coat is very short and with minimal maintenance will not shed much. Cute Puppies For Sale’s in depth dog breed directory has delightful Pointer puppies for sale.

Pointer Dog Breed Origins:

It is hard to pinpoint the exact origins of the Pointer breed. What can be ascertained from historical records and evaluation of the anatomy of the breed, it is almost certain that they have traits of Bloodhounds, Bull Terriers, Foxhounds and Greyhounds. Each of this individuals types of dog had specific characteristics important to hunting and retrieval and mixed to create what has been called a “very special hunting dog.”

Pointer Dog Breeders

Pointer Dog Breed

Pointer Dog Breed History:

The history of the Pointer is a cloudy one, like many breeds a direct lineage is difficult to trace. What we do know is that the Pointer has existed in England since the mid 1600s. It is believe the breed came over to the UK along with Spanish pointer during that time. The Pointer made its way to North America in the 1800s. The breed did well in the open hunting areas of the country and eventually came to compete with the popular setters of the area.

Pointer Dog Breed Mortality:

The Pointer Dog Breed has a few known possible conditions. Hip dysplasia, thyroid conditions and dwarfism are the most common ailments within the breed. They may also develop skin conditions. As mentioned earlier, they are very active breed; apartment-life is not ideal as they will need healthy doses of regular exercise to keep physically well. With proper care and consistent check-ups the Pointer dog breed lives on average 13-14 years.

Pointer Puppies

Pointer Puppies for Sale

Pointer Dog Breed Summary:

This warm, loving and smart breed is a wonderful additional to any family, particularly those with a home and some room for them to move around. They are equally good with children, other pets and dogs. They train easily and will remain faithful and devoted to their owners and their families for all their years. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s complete Dog Breed Directory to discover a Certified Pointer Breeder and Pointer Puppies for sale nearby or across the nation.

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