Portuguese Podengo Dog Breed Introduction:
The Portuguese Podengo dog Breed comes in 3 varieties, the Pequeno (small), Medio (standard) and the Grande (Large). They also come in smooth and wire-coat varieties so there is a lot of room for variation within the Portuguese Podengo Dog Breed. They are known as hunters and enjoy doing so. These are active and playful dogs that will require energy from you for training and exercise. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate an Portuguese Podengo Breeder near you.

Portuguese Podengo Dogs

Portuguese Podengo Dog Breed

Portuguese Podengo Dog Breed Appearance:
All three of the breed variations can come with either smooth or wirehaired coats. The wirehaireds have a rough single coat, which has a very light shedding rate and doesn’t require much upkeep. The smooth coat is very dense and low maintenance. The smooth coat also has a very light shedding, and natural removes dust and dirt and dries at a fast rate. The Smooth is good in rainy climates for these reasons. The wirehaired would be better in warmer climates where its rough coat provides a measure of air conditioning. The Podengo has large ears that point upwards atop head, which is in good proportion to its body. Their noses are brown or black, and their eyes are most often brown as well. Their head structure is similar to that of the Pharaoh Hound, most likely due to a similar area of origin; this resemblance is most notable in the Grande smooth coat varieties. The Portuguese Podengo has a slightly arched back and leads to their muscular legs and cat-like feet. Their overall colors are black, fawn or yellow with generous amounts of white markings. Pequenos are 8-12 inches tall, Medios 15-22 and Grande 22-27. Grandes weigh 46-66 pounds, Medios 35-44 and Pequenos 9-13.

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Puppies

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Puppies for Sale

Portuguese Podengo Dog Breed Origins:
There are several theories on the Portuguese Podengo Dog Breed, some say they are descendants of wolves from the Iberian peninsula, others attribute them to ancestors of the Pharaoh Hounds. In general they are thought to have come from the Mediterranean/Northern Africa regions, where Phoenician merchants and traders navigated the coasts of Northern Africa, Greece, Italy and many islands in the area with their dogs. When the forerunners of the breed made their way to Portugal they were specifically tailored to the needs of the Portuguese hunters. The breed needs to be tenacious, have endurance and be able to withstand the harshness of the surrounding terrain. Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive dog breed directory has cute Portuguese Podengo puppies for sale.

Portuguese Podengo Dog Breed History:
The three variations of the breed were created in their native land. The Podengo Pequeno was created to flushing out rabbits from cover, and were great for destroying small pests such as mice and rats, this made them also popular aboard ships and allowed the breed to see the discovery of much of the world during Portuguese exploration in the 15th and 16th centuries. The Medio was developed to not only designed to flush out rabbits, but catch them as well as retrieve them. They would also go after game of similar sizes to the rabbit including small wild pigs. The Grande’s size allowed to to hunt wild boar and deer; holding down and chasing the prey until exhaustion when it could then be finished by the hunter. The Grande is the rarest of the breed in modern times. The Medio is the favorite for its standard sizing, though Pequenos have gained favor as small dogs and “toy” breeds get more popular. The Podengo made it’s way to other countries primarily through immigration, and for the most part the breed is still found with in families of Portuguese descent. The Pequeno has been entered in the Misc AKC class as of 2011, and the Medio and Grande have been entered for consideration under the sole Portuguese Podengo heading.

Portuguese Podengo Puppy for Sale

Portuguese Podengo Medio Puppy

Portuguese Podengo Dog Breed History:
Podengos are hardy and intelligent dog breeds thanks to their ancient hunting ancestors who survived and searched through difficult terrain. They are good with children and other pets (early socialization is a key to this), however there are some things to watch for. As natural hunters and rodent chasers, very small pets, including dogs should be supervised, especially with the medium and large version of the breed. Their instinct will be as “ratters” to remove these smaller animals, proper discipline and socialization should relieve this issues. These are not dogs for the apartment life, particularly the larger versions, they needs room to run around and play, in order to stay happy and healthy. Their hardy nature will also allow to be outdoor dogs, though they may prefer the company of their pack.

Portuguese Podengo Dog Breed Mortality:
The Portuguese Podengo Dog Breed has required very little breeder intervention or help over the years, and as they have stayed relatively within the same communities they have succeeded naturally and with almost no inherited defects or diseases. They are long-lived dogs with an average of around 14-15 years. 20 is not an uncommon age for this unique dog breed. Cute Puppies For Sale’s full Dog Breed Directory to identify a Certified Portuguese Podengo Breeder.

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Puppies

Portuguese Podengo Pequen Puppy

Portuguese Podengo Dog Breed Overview:
The Portuguese Podengo comes in several varieties thanks to coat types and sizing. Research, and as always meet with your potential pupp, to figure out whether the Portuguese Podengo Grande, Portuguese Podengo Medio or Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (in wirehaired or smooth varieties) is right for you and your family. They are happy, intelligent dogs that love to move around, so be sure to take that into account. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate Portuguese Podengo Breeders in your state.

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