Designer Dogs

With most everything that we come across now a days, society has put a label or brand on it. Each having a person behind the thought to create it, and each having been affected by other such ideologies. The idea that helped create the designer dog breed label, started with a simple need to have a large hypoallergenic service dog. Many others were mere accidents that became a reason to repeat it. Even the dogs from farmers from way back when could be considered designer dogs since they were frequently crossbreeding to create a more powerful dog to protect their livestock. Designer dogs are not to be confused with “mixed breed” dogs. Designer dogs will have both parents being of champion bloodline.

A mixed breed could be the resulting offspring of the neighborhood roving mutt after a few night rendezvous with the neighbors prized Cocker Spaniel or any number of unions that were from two dogs of mixed lineage. There are two designer dogs that hit the public scene around the same time. The Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle. These and a few other dogs were intended for the soul purpose of being service dogs. Everyday there are new combination’s of dogs popping up out of nowhere. Not all of these new designer dog breeds were for the intent of being a working dog, though some of the miniature and toy varieties work very well as being therapy dogs once trained.