Hound Breeds:

The dogs that make up the hound group of dog breeds all have deep bred in instincts that have made them excellent hunting companions as well as household pets for hundreds of years. Hounds not are not only great trackers, but also have exceptional stamina to chase their quarry and keep it at bay until their owners catch up to capture it.

Not all dogs in the hound group are as vocal, but a good percentage of hounds were bred with the desire for them to be loud, so when they found their prize the hunters could find them by their distinctive baying sound. Hounds from an early time have been used to hunt animals for food, furs, and sport. Now the modern hound is often found on their very own private doggy couches as a room ornament. But true to the hound instinct they are light sleepers. Alert to even the slightest of sounds or smells.