Sporting Dogs

Amongst the 8 different classifications of dog groupings that the American Kennel Club uses, included in that line up is the sporting group. What compiles the members to the sporting dog group are pointers, retrievers, setters and spaniels. Each dog has served their purpose to those of nobility during hunting that was done purely for entertainment value. The ancestors to the retrievers and pointers amid the sporting group of today are dogs that would accompany their owners on hunts for ducks, geese, rabbit, and fox because they could capture game on both water or land easily.

Sporting dogs are very energetic, not to be confused for hyper-active. Hyper-activity occurs when high energy dogs are not given the proper training, attention and/or exercise they need to fulfill their daily requirements. It is easier to work with and start training your spaniel or setter, for example, when they are at or before the age of 3 months old. Teaching sporting dogs to control their natural drive, and instincts in an obedient manner is a way to establish the alpha/beta relationship.