Teacup Puppies

Teacup puppies are one of the cutest puppy classifications. There are a few things that are combined to get the true definition of what classifies a dog to be a teacup. Only a small percentage of dogs actually have the option within the dog breed to produce a teacup size variation. Not all teacup sized dogs have the same weight and height because they do not yet have a breed standard. There are many dog breeders out there that have been able to duplicate the smaller caliber dog in litter after litter to where the smaller than small size is not just a fluke. These teacup dogs are not merely “runts” of the brood or lesser than their larger counter parts. On the contrary they are selectively bred to produce dogs that are smaller than the original.

The word “teacup” is a form of slang or a nickname for a dog that is purposely bred to be pint sized compared to the original. The American Kennel Club has a roster of 21 different toy sized dog breeds. Each one of these toy dogs either has or most likely will have a bloodline that is classified as a teacup. With the constant demand, and push for regulation from dog breeders across the country to standardize teacup sized dogs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Teacup Chihuahua or Teacup Maltese in the show ring in the not too distant future.