Terrier Dog Group

Terriers vary in sizes from as small as a teacup (terriers under 7 pounds) to as large as seventy pounds or more. It has been well documented over the centuries by historians and dog trainers of today that terriers are zestful, animated, sprightly, and undaunted. These are all strong traits of terriers, which is part of the reasons why they have a low tolerance for small pets, even other dogs. Sometimes even if the terrier was raised with other animals they would still give chase to a cat or another dog. Almost like there is something deep down inside the terrier that compels them to give chase. Terriers have such a high energy, that they require owners who have the stamina to keep up with the dogs high-spirited personality.It has been said of terriers that they are amid the finest of all dogs. Terriers are not only curious, but are also unyielding to give up their quest once they find a strong scent. All seriousness aside, terriers are sweet, and when the spirit hits them they can be downright goofy. It isn’t a wonder that the hardiness of the terrier has allowed them to avoid illnesses. Some give credit to the fact that terriers were regularly used in cross breeding during the early development of terriers.