Rottweiler Dog Breed

Rottweiler Dog Breed

Rottweiler Dog Breed Introduction:
The recognition the Rottweiler dog breed is worldwide. Most people who have Rottweiler’s are always going to own Rottweiler’s. Once you find a Rottweiler puppy for sale, you’re hooked. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive Dog Breeder Directory to find cute Rottweiler puppies for sale and Rottweiler breeders near you.

Rottweiler Puppies For Sale
Rottweiler Puppies For Sale

Rottweiler Dog Breed Temperament:
The Rottweiler dog breed is a natural to herding and guarding. If these natural instincts are not controlled through training, the potential for deviant behavior is eminent. Rottweilers require a high degree of socialization and training to prevent such bad behaviors from forming. This means that not everyone is able to own a Rottweiler. The Rottweiler dog breed does not do well in small apartment living quarters. They do need a descent back yard to be able to sniff around and explore. The risk factor of how strong the Rottweiler dog breed should never be overlooked. Rottweiler dog breeders are very selective into what type of environment the future owner has, in order to be sure the puppies are going to an owner who has all the tools needed to raise a well mannered pet. The AKC standard states that “Rottweilers love their people and may behave in a clownish manner toward family and friends, but they are also protective of their territory and do not welcome strangers until properly introduced.” All Rottweilers need to be given obedience training. Socialization is a must. Most states even restrict what breeds can live in certain city limits through breed specific legislation.

The Rottweiler is not a poodle, and thus cannot be treated like one. Many irresponsible owners have been drawn to the Rottweiler dog breed, and have cast a shadow on the Rottweiler name. Statistics from last century placed the Rottweiler in second standing as the breed most likely named in fatal human attacks. Each year there are about 5 million bite attacks. Out of that 5 million, there are about 35 fatalities. Proper socialization and breed specific dog training will give your Rottie the manners they need to be good household pets, and prevent any negative behaviors. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive Dog Breeder Directory to find cute Rottweiler puppies for sale and Rottweiler breeders near you.

Rottweiler Puppies For Sale
Rottweiler Puppies For Sale

Rottweiler Dog Breed Appearance:
The Rottweiler is recognized by having a solid black short coat, with a tan to mahogany mask like markings on the face, chest and legs. A true specimen of the Rottweiler will have superb muscular definition all along the body, and a deep broad chest. Most Rottweiler dogs have their tails docked at a young age. This is a breed standard for AKC certified Rottweiler dog breeders, as well as show quality dogs.

Rottweiler Dog Breed History:
The Rottweiler dog breed has long since had a reputation for its strength and large size. The Rottweiler dog breed originated in a city in Germany named Rottweil. In that part of the country the Rottweiler was called “Rottweil Butcher’s Dogs” because they usually pulled carts full of butchered meat and other valuables to market. There have been writings of the Rottweiler being used to herd many types of livestock as well. Some historical records state that earlier bred Rottweilers were used for hunting, though the hunting instinct is not a dominant trait in today’s bloodline.

The Rottweiler does not look like most of the dog breeds in the herding group of dogs i.e. Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Bearded Collie, and the Shetland Sheep Dog, but the Rottweiler is a versatile breed and does well in the job of a herder. In Fact the Rottweiler is one of the oldest known of herding breeds. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive Dog Breeder Directory to find cute Rottweiler puppies for sale and Rottweiler breeders near you.

Rottweiler Puppies For Sale
Rottweiler Puppies For Sale

Rottweiler Dog Breed Origins:
Long since the times of the Roman Empire, the Rottweiler dog breed traveled alongside the legions keeping their cattle in line. Several routes were traveled by the Roman armies, one of which did connect them with the German town of Rottweil. Descendants of our modern day Rottweiler dog breed was from a breed called the Roman droving dog, which were local dogs the army met along its travels These dogs came from England and The Netherlands.

Rottweiler Dog Breed Mortality:
Rottweilers, when from good breeding stock, are a relatively healthy, disease-free breed. The Rottweiler is classified as a large breed, and with that, hip dysplasia can develope. To prevent this, the various Rottweiler Kennel Clubs have regimented that Rottweiler dog breeders have their mating pairs x-ray tested to be sure they aren’t breeding in a particular genetic defects. The dog breeders will be able to produce paperwork to proving the health of their breeding stock. They will also have certificates that their mating pairs do not have entropion (the eyelid turns inward against the eyeball) or ectropion (abnormal turning out of the eyelid) and that they have full and complete dentition with a scissor bite.

The Rottweiler is like most breeds today. Health problems that stem from inhereted parentage can appear early or over the Rottweiler’s life span. Rottweiler dog breeders and kennel clubs across the world work very hard to keep the bloodlines clean , but because of “back yard breeders” recent over breeding has produced bloodlines that have lead cancer as being the cause of early death. Soon to be Rottweiler owners should really question the dog breeder about any previous health conditions.

A Rottweiler, if given the chance, will over eat and easily become obese. Rottweilers require a meal plan in order to prevent serious repercussions that can happen i.e. arthritis, upper respiratory problems, diabetes, heart failure, fatigue, and overheating caused by extra layers of fat. Exercise and proper portions of food will prevent these health conditions from forming.

Rottweiler Dog Breed Summary:
The Rottweiler dog breeder directory is designed to help the future Rottweiler owner with the choice of which cute puppy for sale to get. Finding a dog breeder is not as easy as it seems. When choosing a Rottweiler puppy for sale, future owners will be able to make the most educated decision by using Cute Puppies For Sale Rottweiler Dog Breeder Directory. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive Dog Breeder Directory to find cute Rottweiler puppies for sale and Rottweiler breeders near you.

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  1. carly says:

    cute i mean i always wanted one this is my dream rasing a cute and playful rottweiler there so cute and handsome u know wa i am saying

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    im getting mine tomorrow :) cant wait..

  3. Rottweiler dogs are so cut I love them kind of dogs…
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  4. Cheven says:

    I have had plenty of rocks…in my life time and they were all great dogs!!! the reputation for being “mean” has never applied to any i’ve owned nor known. they get a bad rap due to their “look” but i’ve seen and had more “domestic” breeds…that behaved a lot worst! their great with kids….never had a problem out of one i’ve ever had…
    same with my pitts.

  5. Arpit says:

    What,s the cost of it’s male n female pup?
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    i have this one i love her she is my best friend

  14. susan says:

    I own a rottweiler and she is the best dog I have ever seen — I got her from a local pound — she was found on the side of the road — I happen to go to this local pound –there she was ,beatufil and she looked healthy–I took her to the vets to make sure she was healthy– but what I find out is that she has cancer throughout her body– but she is still very active –and I love her very much — if I could find another one like her — I would love to get another one — this type of dog is a great breed to have — they are so good and responds to commens great– I love this breed of dogs

  15. i really love these kind of dogs i have had lot of them in my life when i get out of the house in a couple of years i think imma get one

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