Schipperke Dog Breed Introduction:
The Schipperke Dog Breed is a dog that originated in Belgium in the 16th century. They are a small fox-like breed that is very energetic, confident and alert dog. They live for a long time and will happily run and play alongside their owners and families well into their later years. The Schipperke is very clean and is a self-groomer for the most part. They excel in many different conditions including outdoors where they love to be active. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate an Schipperke Breeder near you.

Schipperke Puppies

Schipperke Puppy

Schipperke Dog Breed Temperament:
As with any high-energy little dog there are some behaviors that have a tendency to develop, including barking/howling and small dog syndrome. They are very willful and sometimes have difficulty during the house-breaking process. The key with any dog of similar temperament is provide clear, concise and consistent leadership qualities as part of a “pack” mentality. The breed is naturally alert, so when new people or new situations arise they will let of a bark alert. If they continue they need to be firmly reminded that once is enough and they should return to being quiet afterwords. Do this consistently along with any other guidelines and the dog will come around if there are issues. The other thing to implement to help this is to provide daily interaction and interactive exercise; this breed needs to spend a lot of time with it’s pack (you/the family). The breed is generally good for non first-time dog owners. Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive dog breed directory has cute Schipperke puppies for sale.

Schipperke Puppies

Schipperke Puppies for Sale

Schipperke Dog Breed Appearance:
As mentioned the Schipperke is small and fox-like, certain grooming styles can actually give them a wolf-like appearance in the head and chest. The Schipperke has an exclusively black top coat with sometimes slight lightening in the undercoat. This doublecoat is soft and fluffy underneath and slightly harsher on top. They have small pointed ears that sit atop their head. The Schipperke dog breed weighs anywhere from 7-20 pounds and have a height of 10-13 inches at the withers. Much like their personalities their faces give the impression of mischievousness. They are often given the nickname of “little black fox” or “little black devil”.

Schipperke Breed

Schipperke Dog Breed

Schipperke Dog Breed Origins:
The Schipperke dog breed comes from the Flanders region of Belgium. The story goes that they were originally bred by a man named Renssens, who was a canal boat captain. They originally came from the Leauvenaar, one of the Belgiuan sheepdogs, however a smaller dog was needed for ship captains who needed them to guard barges in Belgium.Schipperke comes from the Flemish word “schip” which means boat, and as “ratters” for ship captains they earned their other popular nicknames of “Little Skipper” or “Little Captain”. They also were very popular in the region as herders, hunters and general guard dogs. The popularity of the dog allowed it to become a regular in Belgian households and be standardized in the 1880s.

Schipperke Breeders

Schipperkies - Little Captains

Schipperke Dog Breed Origins:
After standardization in the 1880s, the breed began to make its way throughout international waters, sometimes staying on-board in it’s original ratter capacity, but often making it to harbor cities around the world, where it was a popular choice for local fishermen. The Schipperke was subsequently recognized in 1904 by the AKC. Perhaps in historical context the dog is most well-known for its use in World War II. Belgian Resistance fighters used the dogs as message-runners, They delivered important correspondence to many resistance cells and hideouts throughout Belgium and the area. The German never suspected these amazing little dogs. Beatrix Potter of Peter Rabbit fame also wrote some stories wherein a Schipperke was featured as a main character.

Schipperke Dog Breed Mortality:
In general the Schipperke is a healthy and long-lived dog breed. There are a few health issues, the majority of which come with lack of exercise. As with many other small breeds, hip socket issues can occur, including dysplasia. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and cataracts are eye issues that occur in small numbers. Perhaps the biggest issue is the newly discover MPS 11B disease, which is metabolic in nature and may effect anywhere from 10-15% of the population. The disease can now be tested for. Along with exercise do not overfeed Schipperkes. They can live for well into their late teens. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s full Dog Breed Directory to identify a Certified Schipperke Breeder.

Schipperke Dogs

Schipperke Dog Breeders

Schipperke Dog Breed Overview:
The Shipperke is an energetic and mischievous “little devil”. They are also extremely loving, loyal and alert. They love children and often do well with other dogs as well. Keep them motivated and moving and they will be companions for many, many years to come. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate Schipperke Breeders in your state.

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