Scottish Terrier Dog Breed

Scottish Terrier Dog Breed Introduction:
When deciding to choose what kind of dog will work for your living and financial situation, there are many variables to consider. How much will they eat? Do you have enough time set aside from your everyday work and activities to put into potty training? Leash Training? Obedience training? These are just a few examples of questions that prospective dog owners should ask themselves before taking the final step to bringing one home. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s comprehensive dog breeder directory to find cute Scottish Terrier puppies for sale and Scottish Terrier dog breeders near you.

Scottish Terrier Puppies for Sale

Scottish Terrier Dog Breed Temperament:
Getting an idea of how the dog that you want is going to act before you get one is right up there in importance to knowing you can afford one. Not all dogs do well with children, even with good training. Some characteristics are so deeply bred in that they will treat your kids like they would their pups with little nips to keep them in line. These are not acceptable behaviors though. Better care should be taken in choosing a dog breed that thrives off human interaction, as well as one that appeases your own wants and needs in the dog.

Scottish Terrier’s are known to be more protective over their family units. They will be more than willing to bark when there are visitors (i.e. mailman, phone ringing etc). Though the Scottie is loyal to the family, those that are outside their “pack” are looked at as potential threats until they are allowed to smell you. Even then sometimes they will pick and choose who they like. Boy Scottie’s unless they are of breeding quality and lineage should be fixed. This helps to lower their mating instincts. It is not enjoyable to have a pet that “humps” you and your guests incessantly. Over all, the Scottish Terrier dog breed is an excellent choice; for those that have mature children who know the proper way to handle a dog. Socialization with people and other dogs may not be an option to overcome the territorial obstacle, because its not in their nature to accept outsiders right away. The Scottie was bred to hunt and fight badgers, making them known as a very sturdy breed. Digging was part of their extraction of smaller vermin as well. Natural protectors and hunter’s.

The Scottish Terrier dog breed does not do well if left outside for extended periods of time. Dirt is all too enticing to pass up for the Scottie, and they will be drawn to dig. They are very clever escape artists, putting their digging skills to use to do so. Scottie’s absolutely love the dirt. These dogs are not always eager to please, coming off a bit aloof. Stubborn comes to mind when they seem to stare straight at you and deliberately ignores your commands. Most of the time though if you provide them hugs and kisses you can turn any hard headed puppy into a softy. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s comprehensive dog breeder directory to find cute Scottish Terrier puppies for sale and Scottish Terrier dog breeders near you.

Scottie Puppies for Sale

Scottish Terrier Dog Breed Appearance:
When you first take a glance at the Scottish Terrier, you might first see their dark expression filled eyes. Or the breeds natural, symmetrical, triangular upright ears. Perhaps you see a smile underneath all inches long hair around the mouth and between the ears. Scottish Terriers are very hairy, and require clippings once a month that could be done at home to keep down on costs. The Scottie is fairly small in that they stand 9-11 inches tall at the withers, with weights varying from 19-22lbs, with females weighing less than males by a couple pounds. With that size of dog you can easily get them used to taking baths at home. Getting your cute Scottish Terrier puppy used to being handled and groomed at a young age makes the experience less stressful on your pet with each time you do it so long as you use soothing calm words. This way you don’t have to fight tooth and nail to get it accomplished, and it turns into a more pleasant bonding experience (then again some individuals just do not like to be groomed).
It has been agreed to by the numerous kennel clubs, and independent Scottish Terrier dog breed associations, that the standard coat color should fall under the categories of Black, Wheaten or Brindle of any color. Solid whites are not desired, and are often spayed or neutered to prevent the unnecessary duplication of the coloring. They still will make fine pets. Their muzzles should be medium in width, in proportion to their over all body size. The length from withers to hind quarters should span on average 10-11 inches. Those individuals that fall above or below that will not be considered for breeding stock.

Scottish Terrie Puppy

Scottish Terrier Dog Breed History and Origins:
When you try to look back at when and where the first documented Scottish Terrier type dog came about, written records only date back to the 1400′s. During that time scripture and art were just being born as well, taking on the voices of the men and women who created them. Many paintings showed a black terrier type dog incorporated within many self portrait’s done in the 14th century. Though this doesn’t prove or disprove that they were in fact ancestors of the Scottish Terrier dog breed we see today.
Most of the refinement in the modern dog breeds available today happened across the world between the 16th and 19th centuries. A way of showing your wealth and prestige long ago was with how many luxuries and amenities you had. Having exotic dogs and pets that no one else had was just another way of showing you could travel and acquire things no one else could. During the early 1900′s there were an abundance of terrier type dogs. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s comprehensive dog breeder directory to find cute Scottish Terrier puppies for sale and Scottish Terrier dog breeders near you.

Scottish Terrier Dog Breed Mortality:
Since we first started developing vaccinations to administer to our pets in the late 1940′s, we have aided in preventing many fatal illnesses that are not breed specific. These ailments are different than deficiencies, and hereditary health problems. With the Scottie, there are a few concerns that seem to only affect their breed. Scotties that are 11 years or older run a greater risk of contracting cancer, specifically bladder cancer, than with other terriers. Scottie Cramp is where the dog will lose their ability to move. What happens is the back spasms into an arch position with the rear legs hyper-flexing, while the front legs are pushed out to the side. This is caused by the lack of Serotonin in the body that controls the muscle function from the brain. Its recommended to bring your Scottie to a vet that is experienced with the breed. A vet that can see the warning signs, or give your more details what to look for. Internet resources only give you so much information.
Regular veterinary check-ups are recommended. Early detection gives you the best chance for recovery.

Scottish Terrier Puppies

Scottish Terrier Dog Breed

Scottish Terrier Dog Breed Summary:
There are always pro’s and con’s to every dog breed. Putting the time and effort into the training process will optimize your chances of having a well mannered Scottish Terrier, even with their tendency to have a mind of their own. Patience is key to working with this breed, and is not for the inexperienced dog owner. Be sure that you have what it takes to raise a Scottish Terrier. This breed deserves nothing but the best. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s comprehensive dog breeder directory to find cute Scottish Terrier puppies for sale and Scottish Terrier dog breeders near you.

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