Chinese Shar-Pei Dog Breed Introduction:
The Shar-Pei (Chinese Shar-Pei or Simply Shar Pei) is a dog that is well known for it’s heavy skin folds often described as wrinkle. They are a loyal and brave dog breed that are generally calm and gentle in nature. Their wrinkles give them a unique look and most people consider that to be extremely cute, making them fairly popular. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate an Chinese Shar-Pei Breeder near you.

Shar Pei Puppies

Shar Pei Puppies for Sale

Chinese Shar-Pei Dog Breed Appearance:
The Shar-Pei is a large dog with many folds of skin or “wrinkles” (though the Shar-pei in China most of comes in the tighter skinned version; wrinkles only appear on the face for the most part). They have flat heads when an overall profile that is square; they are well proportioned in general. The common description of their muzzle is a “hippopotamus” type. Their tails are round, with a thick base that tapers off to a point and points upward, often curling. Coats come in 3 varieties, horse, brush and bear. Horse is rough, the brush coat is slightly longer and smoother. The bear variety is not allowed in show dogs, and is noticeable for its length which extends over the trademark wrinkles. Shar-Peis are 18-20 inches tall at the whithers on average and weigh anywhere from 45-60 pounds. The Western Shar-Pei can be seen in a variety of colors, including: fawn, red (rose) lilac, blue, black, cream and sand and many more. For show purposes colors must be solid.

Shar Pei Dog

Shar-Pei Dog Breed

Chinese Shar-Pei Dog Breed Origins:
The direct origins of the Chinese Shar-Pei is not certain. Artwork from China has depicted dogs of a similar look all the way back to 200 BC. Many people believe that the Shar-Pei descends from the Chow Chow, though the only trait they share are their purple or bluish-black tongues. The breed as it is known today hails from China’s Guangdong province, where the western style Shar-Pei with the extensive wrinkles is differentiated from the “bone-mouth” Chinese style (which has an overall smoother coat with far less wrinkles). Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive dog breed directory has cute Chinese Shar-Pei puppies for sale.

Chinese Shar-Pei Dog Breed History:
The Shar-Pei bgan as a farm dog of the region. They were bred for intelligence and strength. And their facial appearance, described as ‘scowling’ was designed to help to herd and protect livestock and families, as well as their homes. The breed was also used in fighting during the high-dynasties as was quite common amongst aristocracy of the time. Their loose skin and strong coats helped them when hunting wild boar as well, as they were difficult to get a hold of and the folds of skin allowed flexibility of movement and as well as the ability to strike out at anything grabbing the folds of skin. The Communist Revolution saw a huge decline in the population of Shar-Peis. One man, by the name of Matgo Law sought to save the breed with help from Americans. During the early 1970s several hundred Shar-Peis were smuggled into America, helping to bolster the numbers of the breed as well as define the Western Style Shar-Pei as it is seen today. They are considered to be one of the most ancient dog breed.

Shar Pei Puppy

Shar Pei Puppy for Sale

Chinese Shar-Pei Dog Breed Temperament:
The Shar-Pei bonds most strongly with it’s handler and it remains steadfast and loyal to them. They may be slightly stand-offish with strangers as part of the guard dog instincts, however they will not be unfriendly, simply cautious. The breed will need to be introduced to children and other pets when it is young, socialization is a must. Their training needs to be firm and clearly establish the human as the leader. Shar-peis are easy to housebreak. The majority do not like water. They will need regular exercise, including daily walks to compliment both physical and mental health. Overall they are independent yet easy-going. They make for excellent companions and guard dogs.

Chinese Shar-Pei

Chinese Shar-Pei Puppy

Chinese Shar-Pei Dog Breed Mortality:
The Shar-Pei had a period of over-breeding when it was first introduced to America, this caused many defects and hereditary issues which are slowly being bred out of the Shar-Pei currently. Skin allergies and conditions can occur (contrary to popular belief this is not due to their skin folds); one particularly bad conditions is FSF or Familial Shar Pei Fever, a congenital disease, which causing long-lasting fever and fluid build-up. Amyloidosis is a possible related issue which can lead to renal failure. FSF is treatable. Another thing to note is that their excessive skin does not enjoy hot weather, so keep that in mind when deciding on whether or not to get one for yourself. Enropion, an eye condition can occur and if left untreated leads to blindness. Shar Peis are also prone to food allergies, work with your vet to determine the proper food for your specific pup. Cute Puppies For Sale’s full Dog Breed Directory to identify a Certified Chinese Shar-Pei Breeder.

Chinese Shar-Pei Dog Breed Overview:
The Chinese Shar-Pei is one of the oldest dog breeds in existence, they are extremely loyal, affectionate and will guard your family steadfastly. They have a distinctive appearance which is sure to get noticed. The Shar-Pei is an excellent addition to any family. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate Chinese Shar-Pei Breeders in your state.

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