Stabyhoun Dog Breed

Stabyhoun Dog Breed Introduction:
The Stabyhou (pronounced sta-BAY-hoon) also known as the Stabij, Beike or Frisian Pointer is a Dutch dog breed. With less than 4,000 known to be in existence today they are a truly rare dog breed. Stabyhoun puppies grow up to be all-around dogs. They have been used for many purposes, but mostly as common companion dogs. Check out Cute Puppies For Sale’s full Dog Breed Directory to identify a Breeder with Stabyhoun Puppies for sale close by.


Stabyhoun Puppy for sale

Stabyhoun Puppy

Stabyhoun Dog Breed Origins and History:
The Stabyhoun comes from Friesland, a northeastern province of the Netherlands. Most breed histories attribute their initial origins to spaniel dogs brought over during the mid 1500′s to mid 1600′s at the time of the Spanish Occupation. The first written description of the Stabyhoun breed appeared in the 1800′s. The dog was then used as a hunter and retriever of small game. It also excelled at pointing and tracking much like the most popular gundog breeds do. It later become the popular choice of poor farmers who appreciated the breed’s versatility. This gained the Stabyhoun much popularity in the Netherlands, however it wasn’t until 1942 that the breed was fully recognized there. It was at this time that they discontinued all cross-breeding with another local favorite, the Wetterhoun, a more popular Dutch hunting breed. Breed enthusiasts are working under very careful and strict guidelines to slowly increase the numbers of the dog. This ensures dogs that meet the breed specifications and limits inherited disease, it also means the dog remains incredibly rare and virtually unknown outside of it’s native land.


Stabyhoun Puppies for Sale

Stabyhoun Puppies

Stabyhoun Dog Breed Appearance:
Stabyhoun dogs are longer than they are tall, giving them a rectangular frame. Their heads are slightly rounded with a short coat. The ears are set low and fold down. Their face gives off the impression of calm. the nose color of the dog will match the color the dog. Ears are of a medium size with similar matching colors to the coat. The coat on the head may be shorter than the rest of the body, but ingeneral it is long and sleek, sometimes featuring some waviness. Colors desired under the breed standard are black or brown and orange with white markings. Roan or spotting within the white color is also accepted. The breed is 19-21 inches at the shoulder and weighs anywhere from 40-55 pounds.


Stabyhoun Puppy

Stabyhoun Puppy

Stabyhoun Dog Breed Temperament:
By all accounts Stabyhoun puppies are gentle and intelligent right from the get-go. They are patient, easy-going and very friendly with a strong desire to please their owners, though they are sometimes quite stubborn. This stubbornness requires an equally calm, patient and consistent training plan. The Stabyhoun is known to have a high tolerance towards other dogs and children, they are not nippy or vicious. They have a good amount of speed and are quite agile, so they will love to perform tasks and works, including on land and in the water. They are fairly hardy when it comes to weather and cold temperatures as well. Their combinations of intelligence, speeds and agility make them easy entrants into agility trials and related dog shows. They may still be used on farms and for work, which will satisfy their needs for daily exercise, but are most often now found as household companions. See Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate Stabyhoun Puppies for Sale from reputable breeders near you.


stabyoun Dog Breeder

Stabyhoun Breed

Stabyhoun Dog Breed Mortality and Health:
The Stabyhoun is healthy breed. There are some inherited issue that are possibly, but generally effect less than 2% of the population. Amongst these issues are: luxating patella, hip dysplasia and epilepsy. Hip dysplasia has been bred out of the breed for the most part. The Stabyhou has a healthy lifespan living to average of about 14 years. Stabyhoun litters average between five to seven puppies with as few as three and as many as eleven.

Stabyhoun Dog Breed Overview:
The Stabyhoun is a beautiful Dutch dog that has been around for several hundred years. They are very small in number so the world doesn’t know the dog very well. As their numbers increase we believe their popularity will soar. The are wonderful, versatile dogs that are loyal, loving and ready to please. Check out the pictures of Stabyhoun puppies we have spread throughout this post. Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate Stabyhoun Breeders in your state.

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