Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed Introduction:
The Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed is square, medium sized working dog. They are wonderful guard and watch dog with a lively demeanor and temperament. The have a wiry coat which is fairly easy to care for. They have been employed in various working professions including hunting, tracking and military work. They are very obedient and learn and perform tricks easily. Check out Cute Puppies For Sale’s in depth Dog Breed Directory to locate an Standard Schnauzer Breeder in your area.

Standard Schnauzer Puppies for Sale

Standard Schnauzer Puppies for Sale

Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed Temperament:
The standard schnauzer is a medium-sized dog which is the smallest of the working breeds. They have a high guardian instinct and are extremely loyal family dogs, protecting the home from intruders. They are well known for their intelligence which makes training a generally easy affair. Some have called them “the dog with the human brain”. Schnauzer pups are pretty rambunctious but calm down after a couple years as is the case with many working dogs. As an energetic breed they need to get a good dose of regular exercise, for both physical and emotional reasons.

Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed Appearance:
The majority of Standard Schnauzers are salt and pepper colored, though they can be black in color, this is not common. They ave a wiry and stiff coat similar to many terrier breeds. They are, ideally, square with equal height and width, and their heads are long and rectangular with a straight back that very slightly slopes down to the down from the whithers to the rump. They usually feature the trademark of the breed, bush whiskers, beard and eyebrows. Cute Puppies For Sale’s detailed dog breed directory has beautiful Standard Schnauzer puppies for sale.

Standard Schnauzer Puppy

Standard Schnauzer Puppy

Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed Origins:
The Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed comes from Germany and is the oldest of the Schnauzer Breeds (Giant and Mini). The name Schnauzer derives from the German word “Schnauze” which translates into muzzle or snout. They are known to go back as far as the Middle Ages and are most closely related to German Pinschers and nearby spitz-type breeds.

Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed History:
The Schnauzer breed was original considered to be a peasant or farming dog, but became a standard breed when popularized by German dog fanciers in the 19th century. The Standard Schnauzer is the original breed as the Miniature and Giant breeds were created in the late 19th century. They first appeared in the United States around 1900. The breed has been used in various capacities throughout it’s lifetime, including as a medical dogs by the Red Cross in the first World War. They have also been used in search and rescue, bomb detection and various law enforcement capacities in both the U.S. and Germany.

Standard Schnauzer Puppies

Standard Schnauzer Puppies for Sale

Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed Mortality:
There are two major hereditary conditions that the breed suffers from, eye disease and hip dysplasia, though serious conditions affect less than 1% of dogs and hip dysplasia is slowing been bred out. The average life-span of the Standard Schnauzer dog breed is approximately 13 years. Both eye disease and hip dysplasia can be genetically identified in breeding stock which explains the reduction in both conditions. Cute Puppies For Sale’s detailed dog breed directory has sweet Standard Schnauzer puppies for sale.

Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed Summary:
An extremely popular breed in Europe, and it’s home country of Germany, the Schnauzer has won many awards internationally and has become increasingly popular in the United States over the last several decades. They are excellent companions and family members and will alert you to any problems immediately, making them excellent guard dogs. With proper exercise and socialization they will be excellent dogs for years to come. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s in-depth Dog Breed Directory to find a Certified Standard Schnauzer Breeder.

Standard Schnauzers

Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed

Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s wide-ranging Dog Breed Directory to uncover Standard Schnauzer Breeders within driving distance. Should you want Standard Schnauzer Puppies for sale or puppies from any other breed, please browser the breeder directory. Also be sure to check out the breeds page with lots of great and thorough information on hundreds of dog breeds.

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