Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Introduction:
The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a dog breed of the sporting category. Spaniel type dogs are also known as “gun dogs” and were created in order to flush game out of dense bushes and brush so that hunters could have at them. The breed also performs retrieval. They are sometimes known as Welsh Spaniels or Welsh Cocker Spaniels and sometimes Welsh Starters. Check out Cute Puppies For Sale’s full Dog Breed Directory to identify a Breeder with Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppies for sale close by.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppies for sale

Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppy

Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Origins and History:
The breed’s history is not a well documented thing. Your Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy is most likely a descendent of traditional red and white coat retrievers as far back as the 1500s known as Land Spaniels. They share ancestry with the traditional Cocker Spaniel and English Springer Spaniel which are the forerunners of all English hunting-bred spaniels. Cockers and Springers were at one time found in the same breed type. From the core English Springer: the Clumber, Sussex, Field, Irish water and Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies were born. The Welsh became it own breed in the late 1800s. Their name “Springer” is no accident as it refers to their bred ability to find game and then “spring” at it. Resistance to weather was also added to the breed to go along with considerable stamina. They are very happy and upbeat breed as well which lends well to family life. Today they are companions, trackers, hunters, retrievers and watch dogs with proper training.

Welsh Springer Puppies for Sale

Welsh Springer

Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Appearance:
The Welsh Springer is a medium-sized dog that is built for work and sport. They are compact throughout their bodies. They have most of the traditional traits that come to mind when you think of a spaniel. Their head is rounded and features a square muzzle. The eyes and nose are usually a middle shade of brown, with the nose sometimes black. They have long ears that hang down from the level of the eyes. Their coats can be straight and soft or wavy. The coat feathers on the chest, belly and backs of the legs, along with the ears and tail. The coat colors are red and white in any pattern. The Welsh Springer is 16-19 inches in height at the shoulder and 35-45 pounds in weight.

Welsh Springer Spaniels

Welsh Springer Spaniels

Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Temperament:
This is a happy and earnest dog, constantly wishing to serve its owner. They want to be included in everything, and be near their owners and families. This means they are also excellent with children. The breed needs socialization and training in order to avoid issues like timidity and lack of recognizing commands. They do not do well with rough discipline of any kind; training must be consistently and calmly carried out in order to be effective. They have a tendency to become distracted and roam as they “check things out”. This will be the hardest habit to break. This dog will always be a hunter, small pets like rodents and like are not advisable. You will not be able to remove their hunting instinct, so consider that when it comes to training and ownership. See Cute Puppies For Sale’s thorough Dog Breed Index to locate an Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppies for Sale from reputable breeders near you.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Breeders

Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog

Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Mortality and Health:
When bringing a Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy into your household there are some health issues to be aware of. The breed is prone to hip dysplasia, a common issue in many dog breeds. Epilepsy and entropion are also issues to be aware. Consult with your vet on what these conditions are and what to watch for. Regular checks will always be beneficial to spotting problems and treating them early. The dog needs long, daily walks at minimum to avoid weight issues and behavioral problems. Welsh Springers live a good while; on average between 12 and 15 years.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Overview:
Your Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy will be a wonderful addition. They are loyal, loving and ready to share their energy. If you want a hunting helper, you’ve found an excellent breed choice. If you want an active family dog, the same is true. This is an excellent breed for those that have patience in training and don’t wish to take the dog away from it roots. Cute Puppies For Sale’s extensive Dog Breed Directory to locate Welsh Springer Spaniel Breeders in your state.

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