Wire Fox Terrier Dog Breed

Wire Fox Terrier Breed Introduction:
The Fox Terrier has been around for centuries. When considering whether or not to get a Fox Terrier, one thing to know is that the Wire Fox Terrier sheds little to no hair which makes them an excellent breed for allergy sufferers. Being naturally and instinctively social, getting them used to you or your family and friends will not be a difficult task. Cute Puppies For Sale’s dog breed directory has all the tools and dog breeders listed to help assist you with finding the right dog breeder.

Wire Fox Terriers For Sale
Wire Fox Terriers For Sale

Wire Fox terrier Dog Breeder

Wire Fox Terrier Breed Temperament:
Two of the Wire Fox Terriers’ most distinctive traits are their enormous amount of energy and intelligence. Being in the terrier group means that the Wire Fox Terrier has a low threshold for boredom and requires daily stimulation, exercise and attention. If the Wire Fox Terrier doesn’t meet the minimum activity demand, you might find your favorite chair now has Wire Fox Terrier teeth marks in it.
According to AKC standards, the Wire Fox Terrier should be “alert, quick, and ready to respond accordingly while being keen of expression and friendly and forthcoming.” The Wire Fox Terrier can be very loving and exceedingly playful if they receive the proper care. They are bred to be independent thinkers, capable of tactical maneuvering for vermin and other sport. The Wire Fox Terrier’s (not to be confused for the Jack Russell Terrier) high level of intelligence makes them a dog that is not suited for everyone. The hair on a Wire Haired Fox Terrier should be hand stripped; if the hair becomes too long, their hair should be taken out by hand. According to the Eukaneuba Dog Show, The wire fox terrier has the distinction of having received more Best in Show titles than any other breed. Wire fox terriers kept as pets show the loyalty, intelligence, independence, playfulness and breeding befitting such a storied breed. Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive dog breed directory has beautiful Wire Fox Terrier puppies for sale.

Wire Fox Terrier Breed Appearance:
The Wire Fox Terrier has a balanced and sturdy base that has the weight being between 7 and 9.5 kg (15 and 21 lb). Its rough, broken coat is what sets the Wire Fox Terrier away from its counterpart the Smooth Fox Terrier . Coat color consists of a predominant white base with brown markings of the face and ears, and usually a black saddle or large splotch of color; there may also be other black or brown markings on the body. The wire in the photo at left sports the traditional white, black and buff tri-color coat. The wire in the upper right hand photo appears to be a ginger, a wire without black markings. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s comprehensive dog breed directory to find an AKC Certified Wire Fox Terrier breeder near you.

Wire Fox Terrier Puppies For Sale
Wire Fox Terrier Puppies For Sale

Wire Fox terrier Dog Breeder

Origins and History Of The Wire Fox Terrier Breed:
The wire fox terrier was developed in England by fox hunting enthusiasts and is believed descended from a now-extinct rough-coated, black-and-tan working terrier of Wales, Derby-shire, and Durham. The breed was also believed to have been bred to chase foxes into their burrows underground, and their short and strong usually docked tails were used as handles by the hunter to pull them back out.
It is said Queen Victoria, and her son and heir, King Edward VII of Great Britain did at one time own a Wire Fox Terrier, though at that time the popularity of the Wire Fox Terrier did not grow as a family pet until the 1930s, when The Thin Man series of feature films was created. Milou (Snowy) from The Adventures of Tintin comic strip is also a Wire Fox Terrier. In the late 20th century, the popularity of the breed went through a decline again, which was most likely due to changing living conditions in the Western world. It’s quite a difficult task of keeping hunting terriers in the city since the Wire Fox Terrier has such a strong prey instinct.

Ch. Matford Vic, a Wire Fox Terrier, is one of only five dogs to have won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on more than one occasion. He won the competition twice, in 1915 and 1916. The only dog to win it on more occasions was Ch. Warren Remedy, a Smooth Fox Terrier, who won it on three occasions between 1907 and 1909.

The Fox Terrier breeds were established to assist in fox hunting. Before their development, a hunt would be ruined as soon as the fox reached its hole. The introduction of Fox Terriers into the hunting party solved the problem. If the fox “went to ground” (reached and entered its lair), the terrier would be sent in after it. This identified the major requirements for a Fox Terrier. Firstly, it had to have the stamina to run with the Foxhounds. Secondly, it had to be small enough to follow a fox down its lair. And thirdly, it had to be tough, as a cornered fox was likely to turn and try to fight off an intruder, so a foxy had to be able to stand up to it.

The term Fox Terrier was generic until the latter part of the 19th Century. It referred to a group of dogs of varying type which were bred specifically for hunting. These dogs were often called “foxies” regardless of type or size. The first Fox Terrier, a dog called “Foiler” or “Old Foiler”, was registered by the Kennel Club circa 1875-6, and the breed began the process of standardization.

Refinement of breed types led to the assignment of new breed names to the ensuing breeds. A differentiation was made between the Fox Terrier varieties, although the two breeds were shown under the same breed standard until well into the 20th century. 1996 was the year many stone age restrictions and assumptions were lifted. The process of selective breeding has since been duplicated in other countries as emigrants took their dogs to other parts of the world. Cute Puppies For Sale‘s comprehensive dog breed directory has beautiful Wire Fox Terrier puppies for sale.

Wire Fox Terrier Puppies For Sale
Wire Fox Terrier Puppies For Sale

Wire Fox terrier Dog Breeder

Mortality and Health Of The Wire Fox Terrier Breed:
Wire haired fox Terriers are considered a classic when it comes to Terriers both in body and soul. This is a very lively and smart breed that requires a lot of training. The amount of care that must go into its coat is considerable since it needs stripping done on it to give it the correct look, and this will need to be done professionally. Some of the documented problems of this breed are loosening of the retina, and cataracts that can lead to blindness later on in life.. Another problem that has shown up is hip dysplasia and Legg-Perthes but these are rare, however it has happened enough to mention. Shoulder blade dislocation is pretty frequent, and less frequently deafness, recessive ataxia (this is a problem that occurs at two to four months of age and it’s a column problem that can cause the dog to become paralyzed), and pulmonary stenosis. The average life span of the fox Terrier can be well over twelve years if taken well care of.

Wire Fox Terrier Breed Summary:
The Wire Haired Fox Terrier will never give you the chance of being bored. When looking to buy a Wire Haired Fox Terrier for sale our dog breed directory will be your guide through all the riff-raff and pair you up with a healthy, and beautiful Wire Haired Fox Terrier puppy or dog.

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